Does Regular Care Improves Your Overall Dental Health
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Does Regular Care Improves Your Overall Dental Health

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A recent study shows that over 80% of people think their teeth look bad in photographs. And this is the reason why most people refuse to smile while posing for pictures to post it on social media. If you are one among them, there is no reason to hide your smile anymore! A Kellyville dental specialist will assist you to regain your oral health. Over Brushing Your Teeth is a Big ‘No’ Yes! It may sound high, but it works. Over brushing your teeth may cause severe damages to the enamel that leads to tooth decay and other problems. Also, brushing four times a day and in a hard manner affects the tooth enamel and gums. The tissue around the gums become weak, and this allows quick bacterial build up and it multiplies. So, it is recommended to brush twice a day, floss, avoid drinks, and high sugar level foods to improve your dental health. Today, dentist in Kellyville provides 24 hours help line that will connect you to them irrespective of the time of the day. So, make use of these services to get your dental problem fixed. Does Professional Teeth Whitening Help? A dentist supervised teeth polishing scheme is better than self-whitening of teeth. It may depend on the following factors, - Robustness of the bleaching agent - Type of whitening toothpastes used - Effect of whitening strips and gels - The Sensitivity of the teeth The exposure of your teeth is more concentrated towards beverages and coloured drinks and causes stains that fade your teeth colour. A Kellyville dentist would help the people with the right teeth whitening procedure to make your teeth sparkle again. Most Common Oral Health Issues in Senior Citizens: Seniors will be more likely to get affected by lost teeth, germs attack, teeth implantation, decolourisation of teeth and more. Understanding and giving proper attention to their teeth will avoid the issues associated with their teeth. - Can cause Dry Mouth or Xerostomia - Bad smell during breathing - Yellowish coloured teeth - Loss of teeth - Poor dental care - Gum and cavity diseases Add the Three Easy Ways in Your Daily Routine to Keep Your Teeth Twinkle 1. Avoid drinks like coffee, berries, red wine and other stain-causing foods. 2. Use mouth wash after 30 minutes of eating anything. 3. Be sure of removing plaques in teeth by brushing regularly and having a dental check-up yearly once.
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