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Doing the Right Thing Is Easy For Symbius Medical

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The Symbius Medical motto is - the right thing for you is the right thing for us – and the right thing for you all over again.

When the right thing for you… “I arrived in California for the weekend, realizing I’d forgotten my supplies. Since all the medical supply sales stores were closed, I called Symbius - in a panic. They flew one of their employees to San Diego, product in hand. My wife met them at the airport, in tears, and grateful.”

- …is the right thing for us. When people have a positive experience, especially in the healthcare field, they tell others. So as the result of the kind of care we just outlined, we’ve been able to expand the number of patients we serve by over 300% in just the past four years.

The right thing for you… “My husband has ALS – known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease to most people. He arrived home from the hospital, very lethargic and unresponsive. When the Respiratory Therapist from Symbius arrived at our home, she noted my husband was on 15 liters per minute of oxygen – a flow he said was much too high given his condition. He phoned our doctor and he agreed with the RT’s opinion. Your RT spent the next two days with my husband, slowly decreasing his oxygen until he was alert and breathing room air during the day. As it turned out, he only lived a few more months – how wonderful to realize that your Therapist gave my husband the ability to communicate with all of us in his final days. Thank you, we are so grateful.”

- the right thing for us. At Symbius Medical, we have a clinical – and human focus on patient outcomes. One of our Respiratory Therapists spends time at two certified ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) clinics every week. Our RT performs clinical evaluations on the patients and makes recommendations for their care. Focusing on the needs of ALS patients has certainly benefited our business, and allows us to continue to become more expert on the disease – and more efficiently benefit patients and their families with the best possible care.

When the right thing for you… “I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you do. The night before our last appointment, George informed me that he feels like there’s nothing anyone can really offer him at this point – he’s deteriorated so much over the last few months. Still, every last team member of yours acts like George is the only patient there, and you give him as much time as he needs. Imagine my surprise when he was so chatty. Especially after the pessimistic statement he made about not going after this time. So, given that, it was so surprising to hear him say on the way home, “Well, I guess, even though they can’t do anything, it was kind of fun having everybody willing to listen to my stories, huh?” So there you have it, I hope you’ll never doubt the importance of your cheer-leading role. After all, the biggest critic ever gave you rave reviews. So, just from my heart, thank-you.”

- the right thing for us. Time is frequently the greatest therapeutic option we can offer our patients. But time takes people – lots of people. Which is why at Symbius, we’re particularly proud to be able to say, our clinician to patient ratio is (RATIO). And as we get larger, that number actually holds steady. That’s important to us, because they’re important to us.

At Symbius Medical, we believe it’s time for responsible, accountable home medical equipment companies to take the lead in the healthcare industry.

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