Dot Net Training And Its Importance And Demand In IT Market
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Dot Net Training And Its Importance And Demand In IT Market

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In the late nineties JAVA was the choice of IT sector but gradually the advent of Dot Net emerges as an adorable alternative and since then ruling the market , being easy to learn and apply.

DOT NET as baptized by Microsoft Corporation, this name is very confusing in itself. Today, there are lot of versions in .NET like C#.NET, VB.NET, J#.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, ASP.NET and many more. The obvious question replacing the nerves in mind will be what is .NET? According to Microsoft, .NET is a Framework or a Platform. Dot NET Framework creates an environment in which Program runs on Platform and Language Independent fashion. Dot NET framework includes a huge library and supports several programming languages which allow interoperability (each language can use code written in other languages). C#.NET, VB.NET, J#.NET is the languages which runs on DOT NET platform. If we talk about ASP.NET, then it’s a Technology for Web Development. And ADO.NET is basically a collection of Classes
used for database Connectivity.

Due to the ever varying demands of programming and technologies, Microsoft started development on the .NET Framework in the late nineties originally under the name of Next Generation Windows Services (NGWS). By late 2000 the very first beta versions of DOT NET 1.0 were released. DOT NET Framework 4 was released alongside Visual Studio 2010 which is used more frequently by the programmer now days. And DOT NET 4.5 is under process which will be released in the market very soon.

Dot Net, a all new version that enhances the Windows, Internet, Web in the Development,Engineering and use of software. Rather than forcing developers to use a single programming language,developers can create DOT NET application in any language. The vision of DOT NET is globally distributed systems,using XML as the universal connector to allow functions running on various different computers across an company or across the globe to come together in a single application.

The .NET Framework is a common environment for building, deploying, and running Web Services and applications. The .Net architecture can exist on multiple numbers of platforms, further extending the portability of DOT NET programs. Moreover, the DOT NET software environment involves a new program development process that could change the way programs are written and then executed, leading to enhanced productivity. The most significant component of the DOT NET architecture is Web Services, the applications which can be used over the Internet.

Another crucial concept in the DOT NET technology is universal data access i.e. users can access data from anywhere. If two copies of a file exist (such as on a personal computer and a company computer), the less recent version must continuously be updated. Microsoft introduced great technologies like COM,COM+, and DCOM etc. which enable reuse of Software. Inspite these technologies are very powerful to reuse Software, they required a huge problem. According to this prospect, Microsoft realized that it’s high time to come up with a new Technology, a much better one, an easier one, a new Framework, within which each Programming Task is easy accomplished.

DOT NET technology is in great demands these days because of its large number of unique and productive features and applications, and so are the dot net developers and programmers.As the IT markets lacks minimum numbers of dot net professionals and most of the IT training companies needs well trained and experts for .net development as they are not in a good position as they were before after the recession.Although there are some TOP IT And Embedded System Training Organization like CETPA InfoTech Pvt Ltd which provides Industry Ready Training on cutting edge technologies like Dot Net, JAVA/J2EE, etc.Training center like CIPL, India can be a gateway to success to all those students how are looking for a bright future in dot net technology.

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