Eating Grapes with Grape Skins Could Protect Your Heart
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Eating Grapes with Grape Skins Could Protect Your Heart

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There is a medical phenomenon called French phenomenon, which refers to the fact that French incidence of coronary heart disease is significantly lower than other countries in Asia and Europe. Therefore, medical workers do a lot of research and find that it owes to grape.

French people love drinking red wine and eating grapes every day. They do not peel the grape skins and even eat the grape seed. The study found that resveratrol containing in the grape skin plays a role in the prevention of atherosclerosis, blood lipids adjustment, platelet aggregation control, blood viscosity reduction and immunity enhancement.

There is a strong antioxidant substance called proanthocyanidins in grape seed, whose anti-aging function is dozens of times of vitamin C and vitamin E. The habit of drinking grape wine promotes the grape nutrients entering into the body with alcohol, so it is helpful to protect the heart. In the prevention of coronary heart disease, doctors often advise patients to give up smoking and drink less alcohol. It is better to drink no more than two cups of wine every day.

Except wine, people should also pay attention to the nutrient collocation. There are many other foods are good for heart, such as whole wheat, oats, brown rice and eggplant. Apples are rich in fiber materials, which could supplement enough fiber, reduce heart rate and lose weight. Other fruits such as bananas, cherries and blackberries are also good for heart health. Eat less fried foods because the large amount of saturated fat would harm the heart.

In addition to drinking wine, more exercise is also the key to maintain cardiovascular health. Exercise plays a positive role in reducing blood pressure, adjusting lipid metabolism and correcting the mild glucose abnormalities. Many people like doing exercise when they are young, but they often regard exercise as burden after working. In fact, people could do exercise while working. Stand up if you do not need to sit down; climb upstairs instead of taking elevator; walk to destination if it is not so necessary to take bus. To people who often sit in front of computers, sitting for long time is not good for vein blood backflow and some people even will get thrombus.

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