Eating Raw Eggplant Is Not Good for Keeping Healthy
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Eating Raw Eggplant Is Not Good for Keeping Healthy

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Recently, many people start to eat raw eggplant every day. They believe that it is useful in losing weight, reducing blood pressure and blood fat. However, is it really useful?

In fact, the oil-absorbing material in the eggplant is mainly dietary fiber. Whether eggplant could absorb oil or not has no relationship with the cooking method. Because oil absorbing is completed by dietary fiber and the temperature could not change the physical and chemical properties of dietary fiber. If we think that roasted eggplant and fried eggplant need a lot of oil, we can also try to eat steamed eggplant.

The most important thing is that eating raw eggplant is easy get poisoned. Raw eggplant contains a toxin called solanine, and the germinant potatoes also contain such substance. Generally, part of solanine will break down when heated, so we usually use steaming, stewing and other cooking methods to break down eggplant to remove the toxicity. The damage of very small amount of solanine on the human body will not necessarily be evident. But if you eat too much solanine once, oral and throat itching, upper abdominal pain and other symptoms will appear within 15 minutes to three hours. If the symptoms are mild, it will be healed by your own detoxification after 1 to hours. If the range you take in is more than the amount of self-detoxification, the symptoms are very serious, including increased body temperature, repeated vomiting, and even difficult breathing, decreased blood pressure and many other symptoms.

Not all vegetables can be eaten raw, and some raw vegetables are also very easy to cause poisoning, and even carcinogens. Generally speaking, solanine content in old eggplant is higher. But it does not mean that we can eat raw green eggplant and it is also incorrect to eat raw eggplant as breakfast.

Eggplant is a common vegetable. The so-called oil absorption function of raw eggplant has no scientific basis and it is not accurate. Eggplant could absorb oil under high temperature, but even we dip it in oil of 37℃, it cannot absorb so much oil. The stomach and intestine temperature of human body is 37℃, which is totally far from the cooking 100℃. Thus, it is incorrect to say that raw eggplant could eliminate the oil of stomach and intestine. Eating raw eggplant has no relationship with weight loss.

As to the function of reducing blood pressure and blood fat, there is also no scientific basis now. We should not believe these rumors easily. It is dependent on reasonable diet and proper exercise.

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