Effective Marketing for Restaurants and Bars
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Effective Marketing for Restaurants and Bars

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In the restaurant industry there is a fierce competition these days amid the restaurant owners are finding it very difficult to fill their tables. It does not matter a lot what cuisine you are offering or what kind of establishment and ambiance you have, the recession has a lot of hard effect on all kind of bars and restaurants.

These days traditional marketing strategies don’t work a lot and one has to try various modern marketing techniques such as mobile marketing or SMS marketing, email marketing, etc. The mobile marketing is definitely very effective and you can send text SMS to the database you have collected through customers that visit you regularly.

Restaurants in Gurgaon have understood that it is very easy to directly contact your prospect customers with the help of SMS marketing rather than the traditional print media marketing. The other advantage is that the mobile marketing is much cost effective as compared to any other form of marketing.

You can start the mobile marketing for your restaurant or catering services in Gurgaon by following simple steps below.

1. You can shoot a video of your restaurant and kitchen and upload in on You Tube then you can link that video in your website so that any one visiting your website can get a feel of your restaurant. You Tube is a free video uploading website and you can take its advantage for this purpose. You can show your kitchen in this video that can give an idea of hygiene you are maintaining in the kitchen.

2. The mobile marketing campaigns can definitely be very helpful in not only driving the customers to your restaurant in Gurgaon but also creating a brand name popular in the surrounding areas. You can also send discount codes through SMS.

3. You can create some video testimonials and give advertisements in the local TV channels this is going to help you a lot to build credibility in the new as well as the existing customers. The testimonials always help in increasing the sales. You can also use these testimonials for your website also.

4. You can promote your website in all the local search engines and global search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing, etc. because these days people search for services on these search engines. There are customer supports companies also like Just dial which is like a local search engine so you can contact these companies also and get an annual paid registration also which can be very helpful for the sale.

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