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 Previously all tax retuns had to be done by hand. This was a very time consuming process
and all returns had to be posted to a South Arican Revenue Office in South Africa.
Copies of everything had to be made. Waiting in long queues was in the order of
the day. For taxpayers not living near a SARS office, all returns had to be
posted and many of the returns got lost never to be found again. Payments of
assesments had to be done either at a SARS offices or paid to SARS through commercial
banks. This resulted in huge block ups and queues on the dates the payments had
to be done. Cheques that were posted beforehand to reach their destination on
time got lost and the taxpayer had to take full responsibility for late
payments or non payments of assesments. Taxpayer who used to pay their taxes in
cash came under great threat as it became all the more riskier to transport
cash in the open.
And then the efiling system was introduced by SARS which changed the whole tax return submission,
completion and payment procedures forever. Taxpayers could submit their returns
without putting a foot from their offices or houses.        
“Efiling has become a very popular way of submitting or completing tax returns in South
Africa” says Raimond Lamprecht of Lamprecht & Co Accounts. It is an easy
and time saving process which is quick processing, anywhere-anytime filing,
accurate data in return, no long queues and no personal interface. eFiling is a
secure electronic tax return and submission service offered by SARS that remove
the risk and hassles of manual posted or delivered tax returns.
Taxpayers can register for efiling for whatever tax returns they need with SARS with
their own password and username. After an easy registering process they can download
the necessary forms and complete it online. Once you have registered as an eFiler and entered your company
details and tax references numbers you are registered as an electronic filer
with SARS. You will no longer receive your tax returns from SARS via the postal
service. SARS eFiling sends the nominated user an electronic confirmation via
email advising that the return for the specified tax type and company have been
issued. The electronic form is made available for completion and submission on
the web site. The completed forms can firstly be saved if you would like to make alterations to
the return,  or can be filed directly. They can then print the returns for personal filing although it will always be
available on the SARS system.
After you filed your return it would normally be finalized within a period of 24 hours.
Payments can also be done through efiling on the specific date the payment must reach  SARS and the efilier will get a receipt with their records.
You do not need to attach any annexures or evidence to your returns as
SARS will let you know afterwards if they need any additional information.
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