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Entrance Papers Gateway to Enter Top Universities

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To qualify for a particular trade, one needs to clear the entrance exams for the particular disciple. For a student wanting to pursue engineering, there are engineering entrance exams. For those of you have their interests vested in treating people, and catering to their health have to answer the medical entrance exams. For those who want to take up a career in nursing people, nursing entrance exams are a must.

Certain colleges have their separate individual college entrance exams. Students wanting to seek admissions in those colleges will have to secure a safe score in the respective college entrance exams.
Most of the technical, engineering institutes and universities have their affiliations to the All India Council for Technical Education i.e. AICTE. The committee is responsible to check the standard of education in these educational institutes and grade them accordingly. The grades determine the archetype or the benchmark of the college/university/institute.

The Indian Institutes of Technology are considered to most premier institutes for pursuing B.Tech and can be accomplished by retaining the requisite score in the IIT-JEE. The All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) is the entrance examination, the competitive examinations which is carried out by the Central Board of Secondary Education.

The scores secured in the AIEEE are valid for a number of institutes all over the country. The top colleges which accept the AIEEE scores are the National Institutes scattered around the country in twenty places. A number of disciplines for students opting for B.Tech and several other courses are offered in these leading institutes. The engineering entrance exams in India can be enlisted below:

o All India Engineering/Architecture Entrance Examinationo Joint Entrance Examinationo SLIET Entrance Testo National Aptitude Test in Architectureo Graduate Test in Engineeringo ISAT Admission Testo Associate Member of the Institution of Engineers Examinationo State-wise entrance examinations
The medical council of India governs all the medical entrance exams which take place. The results of the competitive entrance tests decide which students get admitted to medical institutes. There are a number of governments based as well as privately run medical schools in India offering medical education to Indian students as well as foreigners.  The medical entrance examinations are:o All India Common Entrance Examinationo All India Institute of Medical Sciences Entrance Examinationo All India Pre Medical/Pre Dental Entrance Examinationo Armed Forces Medical College MBBS Entrance Examination

There are several institutes which offer admission to students on merit basis as well. Then again, colleges accept scores in the entrance examinations held by the state run boards. The most popular trades for high school students remain the engineering or the medical course. Newer avenues are also opening up for the students now. For those who have an inclination towards the mechanical sciences, computers, architecture and chemistry should opt for the engineering trade. There are other fields for your scientific aptitude apart from engineering. For students which an aptitude towards biology and health sciences, the medical trade seems like the right place to be.

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