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Equine Attorney assistance to avoid legal issues

Published by: Blossom Dana (69)
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When it comes to horse purchase, being passionate about horses is the only thing that some people consider. However, in order to avoid future headaches, there are many important points that should be considered before the purchase.

One of the best ways to protect you is gathering all the documents required in a horse purchase including horse’s identification and warranties. It is very common that some people just purchase a horse from someone they know and for that reason they don’t think that any document is necessary. That can become a problem for both, the buyer and seller.

An Equine Attorney will help you to purchase a horse without dealing with any possible legal problem. Equine attorneys are lawyers specialized in all the legal aspects involving horses, including buying and selling of horses, disputes, veterinary malpractice and others.

If you are considering purchasing a horse, it is important to consider the following points:

  • A proper purchase document should have all the details of the transaction and the information of the last owner including name and address.
  • An equine attorney is familiar to the most common mistakes involving horse’s purchases. Consider contacting one before making the deal.
  •  It is always important to identify the horse properly. List down all the distinctive characteristics that identify the horse like title, age, intercourse, height, color and breed.

Following these tips and with the assistance of an equine attorney, the chances that your passion about horses will end up in a legal dispute are minimized.

Importance of Equine Law

Equine law is a legal area that deals with everything related to horses, including buying and selling of horses, disputes, horse riding injuries, compensation claims, equestrian properties and business, veterinary malpractice and others. In the past, a handshake was the only thing needed in an agreement involving a horse. Nowadays, in order to avoid future disputes, it is crucial to have a written agreement with all the details that involves a horse business.

It is estimate that 4.3 million people are related to activities involving horses. That number emphasizes the importance of having specific laws for this area.

Before signing a contract purchasing a horse, always consider some important points in it so that you won’t face any legal issues. According to Equine Activity Liability Act “ride at your own risk” means if you do not have something with you in writing, even law cannot help you. So a well written and proper liability contract made by a professional equine attorney can be crucial to avoid future problems and even lawsuits.

Here are some important points you should considered to avoid issues related to equine law:

  • Any minor accident or injury either to some staff member or visiting public should be treated with first-aid. Keep the record in a business accident book.
  • Any major accident or some certain types of accidents and injuries like breaks and fractures, dislocation of hips and shoulder joint should be reported to the health and safety executive.
  • Employee liability insurance is required in this business just like any other business so that protection can be provided to the employees.

Buying a horse is an important situation that should be carefully analyzed, preferably with the help of an equine attorney. Purchasing a horse is just like buying any other good, so any dispute about the quality of the horse or any unfair deal will be treated under the sale of goods law. So whenever you have to buy a horse, you should consider the help of an equine attorney.

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In order to avoid future headaches, there are many important points that should be considered before the purchase a Horse Law. An Civil Litigation Attorney helps you to minimize the risks of a problem with the purchase.

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