Establishing an agile robust Enterprise business process modeling Architecture
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Establishing an agile robust Enterprise business process modeling Architecture

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An effective Enterprise business process modeling Architecture that supports tune to IT planning and growth to the requirements of the business is essential in today’s struggling economy. The aims of enterprise architecture for any enterprise should mirror the strategic objectives which may include:

o Drive cross selling from universal view of Client
o Set and accomplish challenging Client Gratification objectives
o Create charming, jointly valued Inter-Enterprise processing
o Increase operating efficiency
o Create agile processing atmosphere that generates new business prospects
o Increase time to marketplace of new products and services
o Decrease prices by refining proficiencies
o Increase result building with precise ’real time’ monitoring & recording

Enterprise business process modeling is the first building block in supporting the IT creativities with the planned business objects. The aim is to confirm the IT advantages to maximize their potential value to the operations of the enterprise and the revenue margin. The process model interconnects to business and IT staffs how the objects of the business are attained through the processes of the business. Describing the IT advantages based on this model and leveraging the model during all phases of the project means business value highlighted IT projects. All too often plans become exercises in organizing technology; this tactic avoids that shared problem by driving tasks from the business operations standpoint.

The Enterprise process modeling is recognized as the medium for collaborating how the company operate the business. It is proposed for various spectators each with conflicting views of the business processes. The typical group of readers will comprise staffs in both business operations and IT development enterprise. This Enterprise Process Model will help as the foundation, framework and guidepost essential to confirm the IT investments return the uppermost potential value to the business.

The enterprise business process modeling will capture connections between the performers and enterprise tasks. It will also document interfaces between enterprise tasks. In capturing these connections the model comprises the information essential to define the business significance of workflow and process automation solutions.

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