Evolution of Augmented Reality Applications
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Evolution of Augmented Reality Applications

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Some years back augmented reality might have been perceived as fantasy, something that is entirely different today since augmented reality is currently used in a real-world environment due to its rapid technological growth. The virtual reality apps technology is mainly used in live computer-generated images, which enhance the display of computer software applications. We have three types of displays used in augmented reality today. 1. Smartphone Supporting iPhone And Android OS 2. Head Mounted Display For Example Google Project Glass 3. Generating Imagery On Any Surface Through Spatial Display Augmented reality is currently supported by so many applications, from modern war industry for the minimal gaming industry. Augmented reality is making a significant impact on user experience in digital imagery vast. Various forms that are supporting augmented reality are: 1. Airforce The air force relies on the head mounted display which is an augmented reality supported applications to display different types of data like the altitude, horizon, jet speed, etc. By placing information, right above the helmet helps the pilot to escape the hustle of going through so many displays on the dashboard. This type of show is also known as (HUD) Heads up Display, which spares a lot of time while on a battlefield. 2. Education Augmented reality has also found its way down to school by providing support to numerous applications, which give facts, figures, and description of history. What the user is required to do is just pointing a cell phone to a monument. 3. Navigation We have a very crucial application supported by an augmented reality that connects with GPS to provide directions along different points hence beneficial for navigation purposes. This technology is currently only used by Wikitube, though some car manufacturers are trying to integrate it on car windscreens with a goal of achieving the ability of a car to provide navigation information on the screen. 4. Information In this particular case, iPhone and Android smartphones are involved in a way that makes them responsible for exhibiting essential data such as Cinema, Business, Gas Station, ATM, etc. Whenever you click on a button, it will provide you with detailed information about the topic. 5. Medical With the new virtual reality apps technology imposed in the medical field, doctors, nurses, and surgeons are provided with on-time notifications on a patient’s health regarding blood pressure, heartbeat rate and many more by just examining them. These applications still help surgeons during operation by providing them with notifications on a patient’s condition now. Other forms such as doctor mole are beneficial in analyzing any suspicious moles appearing on the patient’s skin. 6. Gaming Augmented reality is not only used for information and business purposes,but also it is highly practiced in gaming. With the advanced pace of technology, better use of detection, movement, and sensors assist in boosting the gaming industry. 7. Workplace Support Augmented Reality is a broad field that allows most human life activities. Other than virtual conferences, augmented reality applications can be of great support in terms of connecting members together in a workplace and helping in task assignment for brainstorming and discussions. Employees do not need to keep reports or forward them to their employers manually; augmented reality retail applications give room for employees to save their statements on the implementation where their leaders will be able to check them. Since augmented reality has been used widely on different areas such as gaming, navigation, medicine and much more, AR is still growing, we are expecting much more development, and it is expected to be more enhanced than it is now.
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