Experts in Laser marking machine, and Inkjet printer Manufacture
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Experts in Laser marking machine, and Inkjet printer Manufacture

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Laser marking machine explanation for more installation than any other type of industrial laser. Due in part to the comparatively lower costs, inbuilt flexibility and universal appeal, thousands of mask-and-beam-steered marking systems are used in manufacturing by the automotive, aerospace, medical device, electronics, tooling, packaging, pharmaceutical and consumer product industries. As the technology of laser marking machine has advanced, new markets have evolve to take advantage of ever more faster marking speeds as well as greater marking precision and imaging capabilities. Continuing developments in laser-cavity design, beam-steering and focusing optics, and computer hardware and software are expanding the role of the systems.

As developed processes become more automated and after-sale tracking more prevalent, laser markers are frequently the only method available to produce individually unique, permanent images at high speed. The delivery optics consists of either a simple focusing lens assemblage or a combination fixed up collimator and flat-field lens assembly.

The simple focusing assembly offers the advantages of low cost and fewer optical components and is routinely used with CO2 lasers. The flat field lens design, though more luxurious, maintains the focal point of the marking beam on a flat plane for more consistent image characteristics throughout the marking field. The flat-field lens also produces higher power density on the work surface than the simple focusing assembly due to the shorter effective focal length. Both designs provide the user with a selection of lenses that establish both the diameter of the marking field and the marking-line width. Longer-focal-length lenses provide larger working areas, but the line width is also enlarged, thus reducing the power density on the work surface..

The Benefits are: Laser Marketing Machine

  • Marks carved by using laser marking technology is not easily copied andand changed,to some extent, with strong security.
  • Laser marking Machine is based on non-mechanical “light sword“for processing,may mark at any regular or irregular surface ,and after marking the work piece does not produce internal stress, ensure the original precision of the work piece.
  • Laser marking machines engraving patterns fine, minimum line width up to 0.04mm.Mark clear, durable and beautiful. Laser marking can satisfy needs of printing large amounts of data
  • Higher efficient
  •  5-development speed
  • Due to the combination of laser and computer technology, users on a computer programmed laser printout, print design and can be changed, fundamentally replaced traditional mould making process, product upgrade cycle in order to shorten and facilitate flexible production tool.
  • Laser processing method and can be for a variety of metals, on-metallic materials (aluminum, copper,iron, wood and other)processing.

The Inkjet printer is charged by the use of ink particles, the principle of high voltage electric field deflection, on the surface of various objects on the printing pattern on the text and digital, is a set of mechanical and electrical integration of high-tech products.

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