Explore 4 fascinating destinations in India at the lowest air fare possible
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Explore 4 fascinating destinations in India at the lowest air fare possible

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Having a wanderlust soul, that instigates you to go on a never-ending vacation and push you to delve into the depth of the world? But have to compromise looking at the wallet! Well, leave behind the myth that you need to be financially aristocrat to quench your global thirst. There are a lot of amazing places all around the world, that welcomes you with open arm without making your burn your pocket. Here I will give you a list of 4 amazingly beautiful places that costs you nothing but gives you more. Dibru Saikhuwa National Park Nestled amidst Dibrugarh and Tinsukia district of upper Assam, this majestic land is a home to rare white winged wood duck, water buffalo, black breasted parrotbill, tiger, wild horse and capped langur. Covering approx 650 square km area, Dibru Saikhuwa is one of nineteen biodiversity hotspots around the world. This national park is uniformly rich with 36 species of mammals, and if you are enthusiast in experiencing the animals in its most natural habitat, you will be able to get cruise along the mighty Brahmaputra. The most nearest domestic airport to reach Dibru Saikhuwa National Park is Mohanbari in Dibrugarh which is 40 km away. Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi International airport is in Guwahati, which is 510 km away. From Guwahati, you can take bus or train to Tinsukia, where you will be connected with direct bus service to reach the park. Kasol- The trekker’s paradise Kasol is among the top 10 most visited tourist place in India. This splendid place is located in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. If you a trekking enthusiast, Kheer Ganga should be your first priority, as it is nine km and four hour long steep climb on narrow and tricky trails. Kasol is flocked by young Israelis and thus known as mini Israel of India. The influence is clearly visible in Hebrew inscribed signboards and food habits. Bhutnar Domestic Airport is just 31km far from Kasoli. Leh-Ladakh Known as the biker’s paradise, Leh - Ladakh is for every travel enthusiast. Along with the spectacular beauty, this place gives you the opportunity to test your ability beyond limitations. The crazy winding roads and getting stuck in the middle of nowhere, this place teaches you to be independent on the deserted mountains. Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport is the nearest airport to reach Leh and Ladakh. Pakyong Perched at over 1,370 metres and encompasses by majestic Himalayas, Pakyong is located 35km away from Gangtok. The stunning mountain passes, serene glacier lakes and sacred monasteries, Pakyong gives you an exposure to discover the hidden beauty of nature closely. The nearest airport is Pakyong airport which is also India’s 100th airport. To make your trip more economical and convenient, check cheap domestic flight tickets offers.
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