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 Every situation or incidence has its pros and cons. Whenever an incident happens to us or when we fall into any situation; it leaves an impact on us and give us an experience to feel. Now, it depends on our disposition, whether we allow these events affect us in a positive way or negative way and count the experience good or bad. Well, if u go by positive way, it will go happily and end smoothly. But, what if u choose negative attitude? If u are prone to falling victim to negative and loose hope, then here is the blog u need to read:-
When things preplanned don’t work accordingly and turn out to be the contrary of what had been expected, we see for something to hold onto and that something is positivity. Staying positive through hard times is hard and maintaining a prolonged positive outlook is really difficult. Further things start falling apart and life goes awry and soon it all becomes a chaos. Wasting no time, positivity there goes for a toss. Where it was earlier a positive outlook, an expectation for positive outcome of our dear planning, a slight uncertainty creeps in there. We start doubting our own plans and actions taken for realizing those plans. In the time to come, we think hundredth of times before drawing the final draft of our plans and adopt the craftiest of our actions to perform those carefully analyzed plans. To the least of our expectation, the plan fails, again. But, since being a devotee of positivity, we deny losing heart and buckle up for an intense struggle. Keeping in mind some organized strategies; we look out for possible loopholes in the way the planning has been done. Now once more, mustering courage and enthusiasm, we go on with all the thinking, planning and executing processes. After successive failures, we begin to realize that something is in work at the back of these falls. Plans being watered upon repeatedly with no reasons to put forth show clearly that destiny is in the backdrop of these breakdowns. Further, circumstances build up which instead of bringing relief, pave way for more crackups.

Along with circumstances certain occurrences, coincidences and situations link up together to give in some major disruptions that lead to nervous collapse, leaving us with paralyzing helplessness. This is called ’Nadir’, the point of greatest depression, when we are left with the feel of utter dejection, abandonment and helplessness. Beyond Nadir, there is a movement downwards which leads to decay of consciousness and ultimately declension, both mind and body. 

But with effort and perseverance, we can turn around the tables and avert the breakdown. It requires a little patience and the nadir can be turned into turning point of our life, a coming of age. We need to see the flip-side of this nadir and that could be done only if the person has hope in his eyes, faith in heart and belief in God.

When everything goes awry, fades away and ends away, there has to be something that keeps the flame burning and there comes the trios- Faith, God and Hope- ’Faith in goodness’ ; ’Belief in God’ and ’Hope for the best’.

These eternal values unite into one, forming the power of Phoenix, which resuscitates and awakens the shattered from its ashes.

Life is never easy, it has its ups and downs and highs and lows. Retaining positivity and an expectation for good through tough times is very hard, but not impossible. It takes time to overcome the pain and loss, to form complete trust and strong belief in self and in God, the omnipotent, who is all encompassing. When it happens, we form an inner power and strength to endure several trials and persecutions and to break any impasse. Only a belief, a vision is needed to foresee that circumstances in the future will be better. And when the belief or vision is attained, forbearance and contentment come naturally to us and even the rugged path of life seems like bed of roses.

Stay positive and lead a happy journey through thick and thin times of life. Good luck!
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