Family Secret Is to Learn to Listen
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Family Secret Is to Learn to Listen

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The wife is impetuous, and she likes to make loud noises. So the family relationship is not harmonious.

One day, the wife’s voice became hoarse, and she could not speak for a month. During this time, she could only use gestures and writing to exchange with her families.

That day, his wife prepared a lot of cards, and each card was written on a problem. She hoped her husband and son played a “game“ in order to understand their views. The game was simple: participants choose a card optionally, and then answer the question on the card.

The husband chose the card that read “What do you most worry about?” The husband was silent for a while and said to the children: “My son, if your mother’s illness didn’t come back, what should I do?” Well, the son got the card that written “what is the thing that you most want to succeed?” Then the son replied:”I hope mother’s disease will be good early and she is able to talk.”

The wife thought that her husband and son often talk back to her, but they really love her in their heart!

Finally, the wife came to understand a mystery – in order to run a warm home, first learn to listen. And you must learn how to communicate, even the people you are closest to, they cannot completely understand your thoughts if you do not listen to them. Therefore, if there is a problem happening, we had better communicate and coordinate, rather than blame and curse, as the effectiveness of communication is far better than your blame. In fact, in a family, there is so much love, but you do not know how to express love. To parental love, too over is spoiled love, but too less is not concerned about children. However, the love between husband and wife will become a family over time, which is a kind of love that is familiar and buried in the heart.

Therefore, to maintain the family warm and harmonious, the secret lies in listening. Our family is not happy; the important reason is that you are not good at listening to your lover or your children. This is the direct fuse of your disagreement. In all, learn to listen is very important.

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