Famous Golf Courses with Unique Features All Over the World
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Famous Golf Courses with Unique Features All Over the World

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If you make the decision to travel in holiday, you should start to select the destinations. In the cool autumn, how about playing golf in famous golf courses or trying theme travelling?


Kenya is famous for its natural wildlife, and there are as many as 36 beautiful golf courses. Here, you can enjoy your playing and watching wildlife. It must be an entertainment to do it in the plateau of snow-capped Mount Kenya or push the ball into putting green beside the blue Indian Ocean. Many golf clubs of Kenya locate in the plateau of above 1500 meters high. The climate is cool and the thin air could make your golf ball fly farther.

The modern metropolis atmosphere and beautiful natural scenery make the capital Nairobi an ideal golf destination. The oldest one is undoubtedly the Royal Nairobi Golf Club, which was built in 1906 and locates beside the famous Great Rift Valley. When you play golf in the beautiful scenery, the stop of wildlife animals will make you surprised. After the golf match, you can have a rest in the small house in forest to enjoy the moonlit pool, watch elephants, leopards and rhinos, or ride horse in private hunting area.


As the birthplace of golf, Ireland is one of the places which have the most golf match champions. There are more than 500 golf courses and per capital owning amount ranks first in Europe.  Ireland has the famous four golf courses in the world. Portmarnock Golf Club in the north of Dublin is recognized as one of the true perfect golf courses. The challenging of course is the 18 classical putting greens and the direction of every putting green is totally different. The landscape and putting green layout requires players to consider many technique problems.

Royal County Down Golf Club in Northern Ireland is described as the oldest, the most beautiful and the most challenging one. The scenery is just like paradise, and the golf playing is more exciting. The fifth putting green of Royal Portrush Golf Club is the most difficult, because players have to fall their balls on the narrow fairway primarily from tee ground, and use the eighth and ninth brassies to hit it to the putting green near cliff area.


In the Netherlands, the natural farm holiday is quite popular and the unique country golf is also worth playing. The farmer Weenink changes his farm into golf course, which not only saves land source but also makes the noble sport closer to ordinary people. The course changes, so does the rules and golf clubs. The traditional golf ball turns into striking big white ball; and the traditional wooden shoes are equipped in the front end of golf clubs.

So, if you are fans of golf, I think you should not miss these wonderful golf clubs.

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