Fancy Moon has a great selection of cotton fabric
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Fancy Moon has a great selection of cotton fabric

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With a dazzling array of cotton fabric designs, each of which that is sold at prices that are as affordable as the fabric is exquisite Fancy Moon is simply the very best online retailer of fabrics for garments and interior decor.
Whether you’re looking for decorative cotton fabric for your children’s nursery, are considering re-upholstering your soft furnishings or are looking for cotton sheets for the bedroom here at Fancy Moon we have a wide range of products to fit most any requirement that you may have.
We have a large selection of themes that cater to everyone’s tastes. Such cotton fabric themes include children’s fabrics, retro fabric, contemporary fabric or novelty fabrics. We stock a large selection of exquisite cotton fabric from a number of prominent designers. From Amy Butler to Rowan fabric designers like Martha Negley and Phillip Jacobs our cotton fabrics are amongst the most exquisite that you’re likely to find anywhere online.
In addition to the diverse range of cotton fabric that we have for sale we also have a selection of Japanese import fabric designs. Such prominent designers include Etsuko Furuya and Echino Nico. These designs are as decorative and elegant as they are affordable, and perfect for soft furnishings or garments.
In addition to the Japanese import fabric and cotton fabric that we have for sale, here at Fancy Moon we also have a large collection of sewing kits and accessories. From tailors chalk to excellent fabric scissors and stylish tape measures all of our sewing kits and accessories are the ideal option for any dressmaker.
If you’d like to have a look at the range of cotton fabric designs that we have, to shop online or contact us with any requirements that you may have then come and visit us online at fancymoon.

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If you wish to procure cotton fabric which is furnished from the very finest materials then we have it all at! Our Japanese import fabric is a cut above the rest and our client care is first rate!

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