Fervor to Celebrate Your Easter Fullest
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Fervor to Celebrate Your Easter Fullest

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Three days after his crucifixion, Lord Jesus rose from the dead, and was assumed to have ascended to heaven thus. This day is popularly celebrated as the Easter day in Christianity. Easter commemorates the resurgence of the holy Lord from death, after his crucifixion. This is one the most important festivals in the Christian religion. After forty days of abstaining from pleasure of any kind, and religious prayers, Easter is celebrated. 

Again, after the Easter Sunday, forty days of celebration follows. In the preceding weak of Easter, Good Friday is celebrated. Although there are a few people who have a belief that it is bad because the Holy Lord was crucified on this Friday, others believe that the word ’good’ in Good Friday comes from God’s Friday. Easter is a moveable holiday in Christianity. April 8th is the date for Easter 2012 in the western Christianity while April 15th is the Easter Day 2012 for the Eastern Christianity. 

Every year, the Easter dates are calculated and there are various ways to calculate the date. Popularly, the Sunday which follows the first full moon after the vernal equinox is celebrated as the Easter Sunday by Catholics. For the Lutheran, Episcopalian, Roman Catholic and the Protestant churches, the dates for Easter usually range from the 22nd of March to 25th of April every year. Many Christians believe however that the resurrection Sunday is different from the Easter Sunday. Nevertheless, Easter is worldwide 

The Jewish holiday, Passover is often linked to Easter, as their religious and ceremoniously implications are the same, and they fall on close by dates every year. Easter usually falls in the spring season and with the blissful season, and colors all around, and the cheer, one can see children full of holiday cheer and spirit, on the Easter Sunday, busy in the Easter egg hunt. Eggs are decorated and painted in amusing and innovative designs, and hidden. Children have to discover maximum number of eggs and they win the rewards. Children are very enthusiastic about this day as the game interests them highly and the prizes won are very much to their likings. Easter Bunny or the Easter Hare is another amusement on the day of Easter for the kids. 

Beautifully decorated Easter egg baskets are considered good gifts to dear ones on the day of Easter. Kids fund candies and goodies on the day of celebration. Since egg is synonymous with new life in the Roman culture, the egg is related thus to resurgence of the Lord on this day. Easter Party can be organized, which should mostly be corporate in open parks and fields. People can dress up as the Easter Bunny and add cheer and fervor to the party. In certain parts of the world, kites are flown on the Easter Day. 

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Very funny activity of easter day is the decoration of easter egg or organizing surprising party. The cheerful celebration of easter sunday is very joyful and pleasant in Easter 2012.

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