Five Dangerous Food Threaten the Health of Baby
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Five Dangerous Food Threaten the Health of Baby

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We need daily food intake, which can guarantee the normal functioning of our body. The not enough energy intakes are bad for work, study and even intelligence. But many people neglect their daily intake of food and the harmfulness of the food. We don’t know that our bodies are receiving a violation of these harmful substances every day, day by day, the body is damaged, it will be helpless to our health, and here we will introduce some precautions in daily life.

At first, we should pay attention to the food containing lead. Lead is a major killer of brain cells, which can cause mental retardation. Some children like to eat popcorn, in the production process of popcorn, because machine can is heated by high pressure, a portion of the lead in the inner lid will lead into a gaseous lead. And in the production process of preserved eggs, the raw materials containing lead oxide and lead salts, lead has a strong penetration, so eating preserved eggs will also affect intelligence.

Second, as for aluminum-containing food, according to World Health Organization, the human daily intake of aluminum should not exceed 60 mg. If we eat fried fritters 50 to 100 grams a day, we will exceed the acceptable daily intake, leading to memory loss, even slow thinking. Therefore, we should not eat fritter as breakfast. The family frequently use of aluminum pots cooking and aluminum pot for boiling water should also pay attention to the issue of children aluminum intake increases.

Third, we also should pay attention to lipid peroxide-containing foods. Such as smoked fish, ducks and geese, as well as dried fish, bacon and more foods containing fat and so on. Lipid peroxide is harmful to our body, leading to produce premature senility or dementia. So, eating habits bias is the first condition to decide the child clever or not.

Fourth, the foods contain more sugar and MSG is also eaten less. Saccharin consumption should be limited; otherwise it will damage the brain, liver and other tissues, and even induce bladder cancer. World Health Organization has suggested that adults eat no more than 4 grams of MSG, pregnant women and infants less than one year old should not eat.

Last, for salty food, we should avoid it. A human physiological need of salt is low, adult need less than 7 grams per day and children is less than 4 grams a day. The people get used to eating salty foods, not only cause high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, embolism, but also damage the arteries and affect blood supply to brain tissue, leading to the brain cells in a long-term hypoxic state so that occur mental retardation, memory loss, even premature aging.

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