Five Should to Praise Children Correctly
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Five Should to Praise Children Correctly

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Praise should be specific

The more you praise specifically, the easier children know which are good behaviors and find the direction to struggle. For example, children books back in order after reading them. If parents only say “You behave well today”, the effects of praising will have a gig discount. Because children don’t know what is well and why they be praised. And they are easy to get into the bad habit of being arrogant and bearing no criticism.

Praise should be in time

Parents should praise children in time, or children will be confused about being praised. So this praise won’t leave an impression on children not to mention consolidate good behaviors. In children’ mind, the reason and the result are closely related to each other.

Praise should be appropriate

Excessive praise can easily make children pride and complacent. Too little praise will also to the disadvantage of the healthy development of children’s mind and body. Children’s development needs encouragement and care from parents.

Praise should be targeted

Some parents and teachers often promise children that “I will praise you if you do this thing”, “I’ll reward you if you get 90 marks”. This can easily makes children do a certain thing in order to get praise. Even if that thing is what he or she should do, he or she won’t do if there is no praise and encouragement. This is not beneficial to foster good moral behaviors of children.

Praise should consider both results and processes

Children often do “bad thing” with “kind heart”. For instance, children want to “do their things by themselves”. They go to wash bowls after eating meals. However, they break the bowl by accident. At this time, if parents criticize them making no distinction between right and wrong, children might not dare to try doing things by themselves. If parents calm down and say “It is good that you want to do things by yourself. But the floor of the kitchen is very slippery, you should be careful”, then children will feel relaxed. They will not only do their things by themselves but also be willing to help you do other housework.

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