Flights to Cape Town Lead to Exotic Attractions
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Flights to Cape Town Lead to Exotic Attractions

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Cape Town is often termed as the “Mother City” by the people on the terra firma of South Africa. It is a large metropolis and is quite populated with plenty of tourist attractions here. The beautifully landscaped conurbation that is rich in natural attractions is often visited by plenty of people by taking Cape Town flights during their holidays or spare time. In fact, there is a rise in the number of carriers which are rapidly introducing cheap flights to Cape Town.

The area that surrounds the city is often quoted as “the most beautiful region in the world” by umpteenth number of travelers around the globe. It is a multi cultural metropolis and the major part of its population includes French, Dutch, British and German. The following are the major hot spots of this beautiful part of the world:

The Table Mountain and Cableway

This is the most popular tourist site on the entire land of Africa. The wonderful experience that this place has to offer the people who get to the city for the first time by getting flights to Cape Town from their home town are the breathtaking bird eye views of the entire metropolis. The cable car at this place is situated at about 1000 meters above the sea level. The utility of the cable car is to provide a good view of the conurbation from all directions. The sunset views at this place are known to be the most beautiful and romantic scenes when compared to other sites in the world.

Robben Island

This Island is even a popular tourist hotspot in the metropolis. The main feature of this place that compels people form over the world to get Cape Town flights to visit it is the prison that it houses. The prison at this island was once the home of the former South African President and republican, Nelson Mandela. It is now, however, a world heritage site. This place provides amazing views along the bay with the famous Table Mountain in its backdrop. People who visit this place often say that a trip to this island is an unforgettable experience.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

This beautiful place covers a humongous area of over 500 hectares of land out of which a good sum of 36 hectares is cultivated garden. Some people who visit this fabulous garden say that if one wants to experience the flora of the country of South Africa, this is the place to be at. This region draws many nature lovers to get cheap flights to Cape Town.

Castle of God Hope

This beautifully crafted masterpiece is said to have been built during the later 17th century. It is even the oldest building ever known within the boundaries of South Africa. Many people get flights to Cape Town just to visit this place. It possesses a charm that no one can resist. Huge collections of cultural and military history are displayed at this beautiful place.

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