Flowers Are the Miracle of Nature
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Flowers Are the Miracle of Nature

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Flowers are the miracle of nature that add colour to life and all the occasions of life. They are the symbol of beauty and love. The use of flowers on different occasion is a common tradition in our community. The use of flowers at the wedding ceremonies is considered essential nowadays. Floral arrangements look best when they are used economically. This is a great art that can be learnt with practice

The beatifying effect of flowers can be enhanced by properly preparing them. If the flowers are not well prepared they will easily wither away and instead of highlighting the area will give a dull look. Thus to make good floral arrangements you need to have adequate knowledge about flower preparation.The selection of the type of flowers is also very important. The selection of the flowers depends upon the fact that which colors would go with your color scheme and complement the beauty of the occasion. Also you need to consider the season and prices. You can create great floral arrangements by practicing a bit with the flowers but it is always a better idea to engage an interior decorator who can handle them more professionally.

Wearing the flowers on wrist corsages serves as an accessory and adds to your beauty. If all the relatives wear it to the occasion it would appear coordinated and elegant. Also the floral jewellery can be used by the bride which makes her look cute and innocent and at the same time elegant.

Using flowers as centerpieces is a popular idea. These can be placed in the vase or placed in the gazebo or in the arcs. Flowers make the most beautiful centerpieces and give a soft natural feel to the surroundings.The furniture becomes more pronounced when coverer with the floral designs and patterns. The chairs are decorated with silk or real flowers and ribbons are used to enhance the beauty. Flowers also make an excellent icing for wedding cake.

Flowers are symbolic for love and affection and they can be used in various ways for décor. With proper usage they can bring life to the function. There proper usage depends on the season of year. Choosing the flowers that bloom naturally make your wedding fragrant and blooming. If you are getting wedded in spring, you are a lucky fellow because the nature’s most miraculous creations burst in spring. Tulips and hyacinth are the best to use in spring.

Others that would do a spectacular task include daffodil, pansies, lilac, lilies cherry and apple blossoms. They can all be made to make lovely bouquets for the bride. In summers you can choose among delphiniums, gladioli and iris. Others that you can choose are Dahlia, Daisy, roses and Sunflowers. Using white and red flowers produces an extremely on looking contrast. In autumn the best would be fiery colors such as red orange and yellow. They produce a glowing effect. They can also be used as centerpieces.Thus flowers are of utmost importance, and hope this article will help you choose the most appropriate for you.

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