Flying the Micro or Mini Remote Control Helicopters
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Flying the Micro or Mini Remote Control Helicopters

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 When catching up with some aerobatic stunts on television or movies, one may wish to get a hold of those aircrafts and learn how to fly.  The mini remote control helicopters are suitable for the new entrants who want to start off in this sport.  Some models of the hobby helicopters are not particularly easy to control, and need some skill to fly.  The best ones for the novices are those that do not require much experience or knowledge of aeromechanics. 

The micro models have standard controls that are of 2 or 3 channels.  They come with ringed rotor blades that provide maximum safety.  Some of these machines take time to learn.   In fact, handling them can be challenging to those who are not experts.  The tiny ones have built in rechargeable batteries and controllers that are easy to carry around.  There are the models that are 6 inches long, with dual rotary blades and rotor on the tail.  They can fly in four directions and do some stunts, such as hovering.  Kids and adults, alike, like to play indoors with remote control helicopters like the Micro Mosquito, the Firefly, the BlackGhost and the Bladerunner.  All these are for indoor sport and are of 3 channels. 

The similarities that exist in the mini remote control helicopters are the same starting from their design and components.  Take the example of the Micro Mosquito that has 27 MHz and can do 49MHz frequencies.  They are similar to the Bladerummer 3, with the main difference being that the latter is a model with infrared capacity.  There are many unique styles such as the RadioShack, Hammacher Schelemmer, just to mention a few but all of which can be online. 

The ultra-micro size models are for indoor sports as well but have the CX and CX2 blades.  It has 4 channels instead of the usual 2-3 channel capacity.   Another version is the one that uses improved Helix design called the Reflex and has dual-rotary blades and a couple of thrust propellers.  This one comes with a bigger body when compared to most mini remote control helicopters that are for indoors purposes.  As can be expected, it is tougher than the rest and can easily be applied in outdoor sport. 

If a person is desires the model that can suit a group of friends who want to fly their remote control helicopters together, the matter is straightforward.  The best choice is the small indoor ones that look like the US Military Apache Helicopter.  They are in three infrared frequencies, but what it means is that three friends can operate them together.  The smaller kids from 8 years can do with the toy versions that are able to fly indoors.  They come with two blades and two tail rotors. The two tails are opposite each other.  It can be put on auto pilot but also uses the remote control.  When playing indoors, kids should not be allowed to hit the younger ones with these toys.

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