Foods Must You Must Eat Before Going to Bed
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Foods Must You Must Eat Before Going to Bed

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We always want to eat midnight supper when it is late in the evening. But we had better choose carefully as for the foods eaten before sleep, or the terrible consequences are known to all of us. But as long as choosing the right snack foods, it will not affect the figure. Besides, it helps relax before sleep and improve sleep quality. The following foods are recommended by professional nutritionists, so that you can eat fully without worrying about being fat.

1. Potato

Potatoes can be regarded as the most nutritious and natural food for weight loss, containing no fat or cholesterol, and low calories (only 21% of rice weight). In addition, they are very rich in soft dietary fiber, which can bring great satiety (the satiety is three times the volume of white bread, rice, and six times the weight of rice).

Eating potatoes before going to bed not only will not cause weight gain, but also let you sleep more soundly, because the potato is rich in alkaline compounds, being able to clear the acidic compounds in your body that prevent the tryptophan playing a hypnotic role. Of course, it is best not to be fried.

2. Organic tomatoes

If you always cannot control your mouth, and can eat too much, then the tomato is simply your savior at night.

Tomatoes are rich in dietary fiber (help the growth of probiotics in the gut) and pectin, which can fill your stomach, stimulate the brain’s satiety center, and clear away acid metabolic wastes in the intestines, helping you complete intestinal detoxification during the process of sleep.

Moreover, the unique lycopene in tomato has powerful anti-oxidant function, which can fight off the extra oxygen free radicals and help anti-aging skin. When lycopene and citric acid Shihai combine to react, they can help you become slim, because citric acid can promote fat burning, while lycopene is able to inhibit fat cell number.

Particular when stay up all night, we might eat more tomatoes, because the plant melatonin contained in tomatoes is very similar to the human melatonin, which can effectively reduce fatigue.

3. Oatmeal

Like potatoes, oatmeal can help you clear the acids in the guts that affect sleep and even relax nerves, having a soft sleep effect. First, the oats can promote the release of insulin in your body. The insulin can help tryptophan reach the brain and change into serotonin there, telling the brain “it is the time to sleep”. Secondly, the oats will release glucose at a uniform speed during your sleep to maintain blood sugar balance, preventing the continued nightmare during sleep, because studies have shown that nearly forty percent of the nightmares are caused by low blood sugar.

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