Four Cant Miss National Treasures
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Four Cant Miss National Treasures

Published by: Aaron Garcia (9)
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National parks have been a part of United States lifestyle since the initial national park, Yellowstone, was founded in 1872. While visitors may not have been flocking to the park in those days, Yellowstone National Park and numerous amounts of others have achieved fantastic attractiveness as getaway vacation spots in the years that have passed. Camping, hiking, biking and boating are all popular past times for nature fans and city dwellers. Our national parks are the ideal destinations to indulge in all your outdoor passions. Of the thousands of national parks in the United States, here are four that everyone should see in their lifetime:

1.  Great Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina/Tennessee- This breathtaking park is home to over 800 miles of hiking trails. Variety is just one of the things that makes this park worth visiting. Inside the park boundaries you can stop by fir tree forests and collapsing forests; in one day you can visit national heritage sites and start off counting the diverse types of salamanders residing in the park. The very best time to pay a visit to the park is most likely between late Spring all the way through the fall. In Spring the flowers start blooming, in Summer the air is warm and fragrant with the smell of ripe flowers, and in the Fall the trees are colored with a blaze of orange, red, and yellow leaves. So basically anytime is a fantastic time to check out the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

2.  Olympic National Park, Washington- This national park is among nature’s most attractive masterpieces. The park is a stunning blend of high snow topped mountains, low flower filled meadows, wave beaten seashores and thick abundant forests. Home to among the only temperate rain forests in North America, the Olympic National Park is the ideal place to come for never ending development and exploration. With incredible cliff side hikes and beautiful hikes through mature calm rain forests, you are sure to discover many spectacular areas. Although a lot of the park is open all year, the ideal time to go and keep away from the rain is during mid to late summer.

3.  Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah- This park is simply a spectacular alter from the tree filled forests and parks that you may are use to. While occasional pine trees mark the landscape, the genuine charm of the park lies  in the rock structures. While Bryce Canyon is not actually a canyon (it wasn’t eroded by water), it’s depths are very much worth checking out and the dirt paths are easy to use. Going on a hike through and around the canyon is like traveling to another planet. Bryce Canyon National Park is in a desert environment so the middle of summer is not the best time to see if you want to avert the heat. Early to mid Spring and Fall are awesome times for a trip and may even enable you to see some snow in the park.

4.  Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio- This large forested park is a more desirable way for city dwellers to avoid the noises and traffic of the city. The thick forest paths and the crooked Cuyahoga river give you the most suitable place for family enjoyment. For Tolkien admirers a visit to the Brandywine will be fun, gorgeous and extraordinary. With 125 miles of trials, Cuyahoga is the perfect place to come for a hiking or biking trip. If time is limited, guests can take pleasure in a tour of the park on the local scenic train. The park is open year long in most parts, so your time of time will really depend upon what type of weather you desire; each season offers diverse beauties.

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