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Free SMS site with free occasional SMS just in one click

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There are many people who use internet facilities 24/7 and most of the times they wished to have facilities like free SMs services. Every one want to have these free SMS registration to sent unlimited free message on one simple click.

The SMS sites provide you with lots of Free SMS services and few are listed here below:-

• You can receive text replies in your Send SMS now inbox.
• History of your sent messages will be displayed to you.
• Send UNLIMITED text messages to your contacts with limited key words.
• create your SMS Profile and upload your photos and make it more attractive.
• Now you can sent group SMS by clicking simply one button.

The Free SMS service is surely to the benefit for not only an individuals but also small and medium businesses as they can stay in touch with their customers by proffering them many features like:-
1.    appropriate services
2.     alerts
3.     new offers
4.     discounts and wishes
5.    Job updates
 There are many companies who have launched these services for the individual as per there interest. Here the information of the messages is kept secretly and they can send as many as SMS they want to send in a go. The most popular and attractive site now days in list is SMS Tau. As the name it self is so funky same as the web site just a registration and you are activated for the service for free SMS.
The process for registration is as simple as to log in. you just have to sign up with your mobile number and with in a second you will get a verification code just match the code with the company code and you can do as much as stuff you want to go for.
The next best option in this SMS services are the bulk messages. The bulk messages are the main segment of the FREE SMS web sites.
There are various features of the BULK SMS and those are listed here below:-

» Messages can be sent by any of them may be the Brand or the Company Name itself.
» the Message is sent using a Senders ID, Brand ID specified by you there.
» Sender id should be up to 8 Characters.
» The Connectivity is Through the SMPP or the HTTP
» the HTTP API is one of the best and the most fastest ways to deliver SMS Text messages across India with in a seconds.
» Our gateway can be easily accessed by any one and by submitting values to the HTTP API Server by the POST or GET method.
» The PHP & ASP.NET, Java codes is noticed for your personal Web site integration.
» We support 160 or 140 characters length of every single message.
» Message scheduling facility is available.
» Supports Delivery reports is been shown.

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