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Free Unlimited SMS - A trend setter in communication technology

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It is quite noticeable in the modern world of electronic gadgets & gizmos that the art of letter writing has taken a deep sleep including pen & paper but with the invention of sms it’s still alive in electronic format. Now, one can wonder when one can call a person to talk by incurring single paise then where is the necessity of sms. Although it’s very true that one can call pretty cheaply now but is it possible to share every thing via calling everybody every single time.

Now, here comes the million dollar question when one can send ones message without incurring a single paise then why the folks should go for calling every time or sms  anyone by losing a penny every time. So to give sms service a better picture many free sms services websites has arrived in the market. The facilities these free sms sending websites are providing are like sending free sms to anyone after registering with a particular website within a given word limit for a particular message. Moreover if someone is having a group of friends so he/she can add it to the contact details and can send sms accordingly. There are other facilities like bulk text messaging, online free sms etc. There are many players in the market who are providing this service like, even through Orkut one can send free sms by just registering with a valid cell number.

So, it can be said that it has eased out the pressure from the leading telecom giants with this free sms service. If we take a look at the sms charges a single sms send to some other state will cost more than a rupee without any tariff in any of the leading telecom providers whereas one can send unlimited sms by just registering only once in any of the free sms service providers. Let’s take an practical example although there are many tariff vouchers relating to sms from various telecom providers but they will not work on special occasions when its really necessary like wishing someone a greeting for Diwali, Eid, Christmas or New Year and normal charges will be charged on that aspect. In this context this free sms service providers are the best option as you neither have to call that person nor you have to sms by paying a decent amount in addition you will get the benefit of bulk sms facility so that one can wish everybody on single click  without expending a single paisa.

Although the sms tariffs are playing a major role for the telecom providers but these free sms online service provider’s has also captured a major chunk in the market share. They are at the growth stage as far as the Indian market is concerned but they are catching up with the trends pretty easily as the young generation is banking upon this free sms service as it’s a major tool of communication in the recent days. Arguably in the coming years it will play a pivot role as a medium of communication as there is no other alternative which can offer the facilities which are offered by these free sms service providers.

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