Fresh Fruit Beast Could Give You Beautiful Hair
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Fresh Fruit Beast Could Give You Beautiful Hair

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It is common knowledge that fresh vegetables and fruits are very good for our body health. Does anyone know that fresh fruits could also make hair healthier and attractive? The following fruits have this function:

Kiwi: It can be described as the nutrition king, for it is rich in carotene, vitamin C and arginine. In addition to excellent ability to resist aging, it could also maintain moisture and prevent hair dry to improve hair overall condition because of large amount of ALA acid.

Kumquat: It contains a lot of vitamin C and has the function of stimulating scalp metabolism. It could keep the hair color bright after hair dye. Meanwhile, the fresh smell is able to make people relax and refresh spirit.

Carambola: This juicy fruit contains the highest content of sugar, including sucrose, fructose and glucose. It also contains malic acid, citric acid, oxalic acid and vitamin B, vitamin, trace fat, protein and other nutrients that can help the body digest, nourishing and health care. It could maintain moisture and strengthen the flexibility for hairs.

Citrus: It is also called mandarin orange, which contains a lot of vitamin C. The citrus essential oils extracted from citrus peel can enhance the immune system, calm nerves, eliminate anxiety and stress, and have strong anti-aging effect. Citrus essential oils can be applied to the hair care, so it plays roles of cooling, refreshing and removing dandruff.

Peach: The nutrients in peach are protein, fat, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins B and C. The deep moisturizing and firming effect makes the skin flexible and increases skin resistance. The high degree of moisturizing and nourishing could enhance the softness of hairs.

Apple: Apple contains a large number of required nutrients for skins and hairs. Malic acid can prevent skin and hair dryness; vitamin C has a whitening effect on skin; pectin is able to maintain moisture of skin and hair.

Figs: Figs could absorb harmful substances in the intestine, help digestion and prevent cancer. The potassium, calcium, iron and other minerals containing in figs could strengthen the hair quality and maintain moisture.

If you want to own beautiful hair, I think it is very necessary to eat the above fruits.

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