Friendship Day , When Things to get together with Loved Ones
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Friendship Day , When Things to get together with Loved Ones

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Friendship Day is celebrated on the 1st week of August every year. This tradition of celebrating this day began in US in 1935. Slowly & steadily this event gained popularity & now is celebrated in many countries including India. This day is celebrated by people by spending time being with their friends & express love for them. They exchange gifts like flowers, cards & wrist bands that are considered a popular tradition on this event.

People send their friends & loved ones friendship cards with beautiful messages on it. This trend has been in the existence for a very long period. Friendship cards are the best way to reach out to them with your thoughts & heart full messages. Let them know that your friendship is like a set of diamonds in the best way.Now on the other had with the spread of internet E-cards have come into play. People sit online for hours & send each other e-cards & chat & share their feelings.

The development of the social networking sites has reduced the gap between people & they interact with their loved ones easily & share their love.As more & more are sending E Cards it is giving a harsh struggle to friendship day paper cards. The reason behind this could be the cost & the effectiveness of these e-cards as there are many e-card companies who provide the e-cards for free. The use of software & technologies of Java & Flash technology also has made Friendship E-Cards tremendously attractive & humorous. 

The beginning of  valentine’s day is also similar to the start of love itself, a mixture of myth, history, destiny, chance & marketing. It is a day when people express their love, & celebrate the spirit of love.Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th Feb every year that celebrates the love & affection between close loved ones.,  valentine’s day party games come into play for fun & entertainment.In modern days Valentine’s Day symbols comprise the heart-shaped outline, doves, & the figure of the winged Cupid. Sending Valentine’s Day cards has been also a trend since 19th century although it has now given a serious competition through the e-cards. Valentine’s Day celebrates love as one of the dreamiest way.

People all around the world have fun the day by showing love for their lovers, parents, teachers & friends. They follow the traditions and give cards, chocolates, flowers to lovers & Valentine’s Day party is also organized. People organize parties, balls, games & get-togethers.Valentine party  games comes into play for fun and entertainment with your boyfriend , girlfriend, husband or wife. The age factor is also kept in mind while organizing the games. The most played games are Cupid’s challenge, stacking heart, and matchmaker. A classic Valentine’s Day gift for this day could by dozen premium red roses combined with gourmet sweets that are great on its own. Chocolates & perfumes are one of the cute Valentine gifts that you can present your love.

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