From a strong history to football craze, All about Madrid
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From a strong history to football craze, All about Madrid

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I always had an itch in my feet to visit Madrid. There is so much to love about it, the historical monuments, modern buildings, the fashion trends, preserved artifacts, nightlife, tasty food and what not. My visit to Madrid was short but extraordinarily exciting. At the end of the journey, there was just one thing that came into my mind, “Wish I had a little more time to spend here.” After traveling for more than 17 hours, I landed in the largest city in Spain to kick start my dream trip to Madrid. I had 3 days with me and a whole new city to explore. Although my itinerary was ready, things didn’t go as per my plans. After such a long journey, I was craving for some good food which was an abundance of choices here. I was directed by a local guide to the Las Cuevas de Luis Candelas Restaurant, which is one of the most crowded places in the city. This restaurant has a very strong history with its establishment. It is opened for 23 hours a day and serves a lot of tasty cuisines. Though one needs to book a reservation for entering here, I was lucky enough to get a table without it. The place was huge and beautifully decorated. I relished their signature dish which is the Suckling Pig and Suckling Lamb Roasted in a Wood-burning Oven, and trust me it was mind-boggling. It was 10 pm till I finished my dinner and people starting gushing inside. I was already told that people here don’t take dinner before 9. My trip started the next morning from the Prado Museum which is a top-notch place for those who wish to learn about the culture of Madrid. I was back in the year 1819 when the museum was opened for public and since then it has been a wonderful sight housing a lot of dazzling artworks of Bosch, Rubens, Goya, and Velazquez. To get inside this world’s greatest art gallery, you just need to pay 15 Euros. I took a good tour inside the vicinity and enjoyed about 3-4 hours. From here I walked about 1.5 kilometers and reached El Retiro Park. This is known to be one of the largest and finest parks to take a rest on a sunny day. I was already tired and wanted to eat something. I sat by the lake munching the burger and looking around myself only to notice the lush green park and the beautifully maintained lake. People were enjoying their picnic time, some were here for just an outing, and on the other side, and people were enjoying boating in the lake. Even though I had to visit a few more places in the day, but my mind wanted to spend some more time here. I sat back and relaxed in the park for another 50 minutes after which my next destination was the Palacio Real. Also entitled with the name; Royal Palace, this building was resident of the King of Spain. Nowadays it is used for the state ceremonies, and one can get a guided tour for a better insight. On the last day of my astonishing visit to the city, out of nowhere, I got the passes to witness the greatest rivalry of football. It was a ticket to watch the El Classico, and the match was going to be held in the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium between Barcelona and Real Madrid. I reached the destination about 2 hours early. This was the grand feast that was not even on the cards, but I grabbed it with both hands. And as soon as the game started and the player came onto the field, I was on the seventh cloud. My trip ended on a very high note. And to make this visit even better, I would recommend travelers to book air tickets from Cheapbestfares.
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