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Get A Degree In Business Analytics

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Businesses have to deal with large volumes of information to make wise decisions. The analytic graduate degree in business analytics focuses on how data collected by a business is used to analyze and make sense of market data. Those interested in the raw data concerning how businesses operate should consider studying within this field.

Who is This Program Right For?

Business analytics is ideal for students who have an interest in both mathematics and business. Computer science specialists might also be interested, since this discipline is focused on analytics business intelligence: the use of computers to understand business data.

Business analytics is a specialization for students wishing to pursue an analytics graduate degree. Students are trained to crunch numbers and make sense of information that most people cannot even begin to understand.

Get a degree in business analytics and maximize your company’s profit, or further your career and expand what you have to offer your current or future employers.

Businesses collect statistical data, calculate figures and interpret what the numbers mean. They often have to synthesize business analytics – the exploration of past business performance – with business intelligence –a more consistent form of data used to make business decisions. They need analysts to manage analytics business intelligence.

What Do Students Learn?

Students pursuing an analytics graduate degree learn to view organizations as systems and develop the ability to understand how different parts of a system influence each other. This allows businesses to make sense of problems that they constantly face. Instead of dealing with problems as isolated cases, business analysts deal with problems as a part of a system.

Business analysts work with explanatory models to help businesses make decisions, by giving them visualizations. They also use predictive models to help businesses get a sense of how likely something is to occur.

Those with a graduate analysis degree will also know how to optimize a business by eliminating inefficiencies and exploiting the greatest opportunities in the marketplace. With well-crafted simulations, analysts can help businesses understand what will happen when they carry out a particular action.

Business analysis programs also teach students how to work with databases and mathematical models. Students combine the knowledge of mathematics and business principles, particularly the financial and informational end of business.

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