Get a Happy Feeling from a Countryside Trip
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Get a Happy Feeling from a Countryside Trip

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The wealthy person took his small son to travel to countryside. In order to let his son know how happy his life is, the rich person specially arranged them to live in the poorest farmer’s home on the farm for one day and night. He wanted to let his younger son enlighten the lives of the poor.

After completion of the travel, the rich man asked his son: “How do you like the travel?” “It is wonderful!” younger son happily answered. The rich man asked again: “This time you know the countryman’s life, right?” The son replied: “yeah” The rich man also asked: “So, what do you have some kind of feelings?”

The son replied carefully: “I found our house only have one dog, but there are four dogs in their home; our family has only one pool leading to the centre of the flower bed, but they have a creek that we cannot see the end; there are a few lights in our garden, but they have countless stars shining in the evening sky there; also, our yard is so little, but their yard is as big as the whole farm!”

The son finished but his father was speechless. The son added: “I finally realized how poor we are!”

Having read this story, do you have any feeling? It makes me know that rich is not only the material wealth; and poverty does not mean that the material of the poor. Happiness in the minds of different people has different definitions. That people think the life is happy are not often the rich people.

Although the wealthy men are rich on the material, their spiritual life is not rich. But the poor will be different. Though they live dull life, their ordinary life is full of fun, because they know how to be satisfied, and they are more likely to be happy. However, the rich do not meet the existing property, but then constantly expand their wealth. So, they spend a lot of time doing business, or even have no time to care about family or anything else, so they have been very poor, or even never feel the joy of life. They seem to live only for wealth, and there are no other goals in life. However, they do not know happiness is more important than wealth.

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