Get Closer To Your Babe With Valentine and Chinese New Year
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Get Closer To Your Babe With Valentine and Chinese New Year

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The chinese  new year remains the most central and auspicious festivals for the Chinese folks. The whole of east and south East Asia is caught up in celebrations during the time of the Chinese New Year. The New Year commences on the first day of the first month in the calendar followed by the Chinese people, which is the Chinese calendar. The celebrations continue for fifteen days. The last day is marked by the lantern festival.  The Chinese New Year has it’s implications on the beliefs, myths and customs their people.

The chinese new year eve is a family affair and is celebrated with immense warmth and affection. Pigs, duck, desserts, delectable dishes are the items seen on the platter. The houses are cauterized, and decked up as the belief is that luck and prosperity visit the Chinese homes on the Chinese New Year and stay with them if they are pleased with what they see. Any form of negative feeling is forsaken. The Chinese are very spiritual and hence follows these rituals religiously. Mainland China, Tibet, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Macau, Taiwan, Thailand and several other countries with capacious Chinese population celebrate this festival. The Chinese New Year 2012 is on 23rd January. It is the year of the dragon. The Chinese New Year cards signify their culture and traditions are a nice gift.

The fortune cookie is a must if you want a peek-a-boo of what the future holds for your life. These cards are fascinating and amusing. Ah! The love is an emotion which should be commemorated. And it definitely is celebrated by all the lovers; young and old alike, on valentine’s day. The fourteenth of February, every year is the day of love. The world is painted with the color of amity. Everywhere, hearts are seen. The restaurants, public places, schools, shops and malls are decorated with red colored balloons, heart shaped balloons etc. special schemes are offered during the Valentine’s Day. This day is about making your beloved feel special and joyous. Valentine’s Day party is about couples coming together and merry making and feasting together. Couple games are organized to bring the partners closer. The games are played in a very friendly spirit. People have a lot of fun and entertainment in a Valentine’s Day party,Valentine’s Day parties usually have themes which make them more fascinating and a hit among the crowd. Games such as paper dance, last couple standing, pass the cards with tied up hands are popular.

Flowers are a must on this day. A girl loves flowers, and expects this from her partner. If you want a smile on the V-day, you know what to do. Valentine’s day gifts can be personalized or something which pertains to their interests. valentine’s day cards are also available. They are beautiful and express the feelings very efficiently. We composed the best 25 Valentine’s Day sayings we could find. Feel free to split them or use them in any way to spread the love.

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Enjoy this chinese new year with great passion and fervor. You must plan for something new on this upcoming valentine's day that may add more color in your celebration, Find lots of modern and traditional chinese new year cards to send your loved ones.

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