Get To Know About Pericoronitis: An Infection in Your Wisdom Tooth
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Get To Know About Pericoronitis: An Infection in Your Wisdom Tooth

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A study shows that Pericoronitis is the most common symptoms usually associated with tooth impaction and wisdom teeth accounts for 98% of all impactions. Pericoronitis is a chief reason for the wisdom teeth removal Sydney. Wisdom teeth develop in your late teens or early twenties. While budding these teeth creates pain or infection due to insufficient space in your jaw bone, but some are lucky enough that they don’t have to undergo such turmoil during the wisdom teeth eruption. This article is about pericoronitis, one of the significant causes for the cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney. What Is Pericoronitis? During the wisdom teeth budding phase, the eruption is either partially or wholly prevented due to the lack of space in your jaw bone. The partial eruption paves the way for the bacteria to invade developing inflammation and infection in the soft tissues surrounding your wisdom teeth. This condition is called pericoronitis. Symptoms of Pericoronitis The acute pericoronitis symptoms include, - Severe pain near the teeth at the back - Swollen gums - Pain during swallowing - Pus discharge - Lockjaw The below are the chronic pericoronitis symptoms, - Headache lasting for more than two days - Bad taste and odour in the mouth - Fever - Lymph nodes swelling in the neck Diagnoses of Pericoronitis The dentist examines your wisdom teeth and confirms that it has partially erupted. Symptoms like swelling or infection will be noted, and your dentist will check for the presence of a gum flap around your wisdom teeth. An X-ray is taken periodically to track the alignment of your wisdom teeth. Treatments for Pericoronitis Once diagnosed with pericoronitis, your dentist plans the therapy according to the severity of the infection. For localised infection, the dentist performs the following procedure, - Cleans the infected area by removing the food debris and drains the pus. - Prescribes antibiotics. - Recommends some pain killers like aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen to manage the pain and to reduce the swelling. If the problem re-occurs, your dentist will either remove the gum flap or go for the wisdom teeth removal Sydney. Sometimes lower intensity laser treatment is advised to reduce the pain and inflammation. Home Remedies for Pericoronitis If you encounter minor swellings and pains that are tolerable, you can do the following home medications, - Rinse your mouth with warm salt water - Proper brushing and flossing - Take over-the-counter pain relievers If the pain and inflammation don’t subside within 5 days, consult your dentist. Home remedies don’t suit for those who suffer from severe symptoms. Thus be pain-free by treating pericoronitis on time.
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