Get your greenhouse ready for spring
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Get your greenhouse ready for spring

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Though spring is a good few months away yet, getting your garden ready can take a considerable amount of time so it is best to start early on. One of the most important jobs for this time of year is the cleaning of your greenhouse, as you will find that you use it a lot in the warmer months. Over the winter period a lot of different bugs and beasties will have decided to take up residence in your greenhouse, due to the fact that it is obviously one of the warmest places in your garden, but you shouldn’t let them keep living there. Though some insects are good for gardening most are only interested in eating your plants, so you will need to remove them from your greenhouse before you start using it again.
Some of the most common greenhouse pests include slugs, aphids and mealy bugs, and all of these creatures can ruin plants stored in your greenhouse. You will also need to eradicate a number of harmful plant diseases before you begin using your greenhouse again, such as mildew, grey mould and blight. In order to do this you should follow these easy steps:
1) Clear out your greenhouse
The first step to cleaning your greenhouse is to remove everything from it. You should take out any benches, pots, tools and other items so that you can get into every corner to check for insects. If any plant material was left in the greenhouse over winter you should get rid of it by placing it on your compost heap, although if there is any signs of disease on it you will need to burn it instead.
2) Do some window cleaning
If the windows of your greenhouse are dirty you won’t be able to utilise it properly – any plants you grow in it require as much sunlight as possible. Use hot water and a sponge to get all algae, grime and muck off the windows, remembering to wash inside and out, and only use disinfectant in the water if it is safe to use around plants.
3) Scrub the surfaces
Any evidence of mildew, plant disease and pests needs to be completely removed from your greenhouse, which means your surfaces will need to be thoroughly scrubbed before you move anything back in. Once you have finished be sure to ventilate it properly to get everything dry again.
4) Clean your pots
All of the pots and trays that you have used throughout the year should be cleaned out to get all soil from them. Old soil may harbour insects and disease, so don’t take the risk.
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