Getting the Ball in Play on the Fairway
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Getting the Ball in Play on the Fairway

Published by: Sandra Prior (55)
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The best golfers at any level are the ones who give themselves opportunities. Drive it in the fairway, and you probably have a chance to hit the green. I call it ‘stress-free golf,’ because nothing’s more stressful than walking down the fairway not knowing if you have a shot. I hit a lot of 4-woods off the tee when the drive zone is well-protected. I’d rather have a longer shot from the short grass than a shorter one from a tough spot.

They say practice makes perfect. Try to incorporate these moves into your schedule and see if there’s improvement in your game.

Here are my four keys to hit fairways and give myself a chance on every hole.

Sliceproof your Grip

I grip the club in the fingers of my left hand, getting my heel pad on top. This helps me release the club and turn the face over for a draw. My grip sometimes gets too weak, with my left hand turned too far towards the target. Grip the club in the fingers of your left and then right hand. You’ll stay out of the right rough.

Check your Heels for Aim

Here’s an alignment drill I use when I practice. Take your address, then lay the club down against your heels - which is more accurate than using your toes. Step behind the ball and see where the club is pointing.

For straight shots, it should be parallel to your target line (picture a set of railroad tracks). From a square stance, match your hips and shoulders to your heel line. It’s the best way I know to set good alignment.

Swing it Wide

A wide arc helps keep the club on line. On the takeaway, I try to keep my right arm straight for as long as possible, not letting it pull the club to the inside. Coming down, I want the club to get back in front of me so everything can move through together. On my best drives, I feel my arms and the club extending to the target.

For Tempo, Think 1-2-3

I try to swing all of my clubs at the same speed, about a 6 out of 10. When I feel my tempo is quick, here’s what I do on practice swings: I count in my head 1-2-3 to the top, and then 1-2-3 from the top to the finish. This helps me avoid whipping the club back or rushing it down to the ball.

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