Girls cup Allows You to See through Something
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Girls cup Allows You to See through Something

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A good girl broke up with a good boy. Then the boy carefully asked her: “Can we also be friends?” The girl was silent first, and then she only said one sentence to the boy: “Love is like a glass. Once it is broken, it is not the original one.” Because she was clearly aware of what cannot save, once lose it, she will no longer find it back.

In the period of breaking up, the two people are very depressed. Girl is sad for her first love, while the boy cannot relieve because of losing a friend.

One day, the girl accidentally knocked over a beloved cup, fortunately, the bottom of the cup was shattered only a very tiny slit, but it could not hold the water. She could not bear to discard in his hand. All this just was seen by her sister. Her sister said to the girl: “if it cannot hold water, you can hold something else with it.” Then her sister dried the glass with a cloth, put a few pen into it, then the cup has been placed on the telephone to be used as a pen container.

If the cup cannot hold liquid, you can hold some solid stuff. The fluid is easy to drain, but solid can last forever. In fact, a lot of things are not as bad as our own imagination. The girl got insights from the cup, and she suddenly discovered that the feelings between her and the boy can actually be exchanged for another way to interact.

Later, the girl and the boy became true friends. The girl said to all her friends: “When you opened your mind to face feelings, you will find anything will become better, your world will no longer just be gray.”

Sometimes, we really should be open-minded to face some things. Perhaps in another point of view, you imagine you will get more, or even get something more valuable. As the girl’s cup, but also as the girl get the friendship through a cup.

Similarly, if we are all opened-minded to face our feelings like the girl, we will have a lot of friends in the world, which is the most valuable asset in our life.

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