Give Love a Fulcrum You can create a Miracle
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Give Love a Fulcrum You can create a Miracle

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She is an unfortunate woman. When she was 16 years old, her father passed away, she and her mother supported the fragmented family of four brothers and sisters, until her brothers and sisters gradually became adults.

Later, she finally met a person who loved her, but happiness came to a dizzy, and the days after marriage was her first half’s happiest moments. However, happiness only came for a while, but a disaster attacked her under no prepared situation. Her husband lost an arm in a car accident. She wiped tears, and gritted her teeth, and then held up the collapsed sky. Long before, she felt faint physical discomfort. When she went to hospital, she got a test bill that she had been suffering from cervical cancer because of giving birth to a child. It really makes us sigh!

During in hospital, she helped medical staff clean the ward; also helped the patients who lose confidence in life get food from canteen, and even talking heart to heart. She wears pajamas, coming and going out, her no redness of face likes a piece of yellow color of leaf, but there is a savings of light between her brows. When she had nothing to do, she took her daughter’s photo and knitted a sweater to her husband. She could not eat, but she desperately tried to swallow it. She told the other patients, said: “My daughter is still small. I do not want to die.”

A few months later, after physical examination, all her indices were normal, she miraculously repelled the death. She really recovered. Please do not look at it as a story, because the hero stated above is my neighbor who is an ordinary and calm woman. The little girl that year has gone to college now.

Life is like this. You may bear the overwhelmed pain at any time, if happiness is gold, so pain is the weight of gold, once happiness comes, and then all the weight have value.

Many times to the so-called incurable diseases, sometimes just our belief was defeated before our body. After the discovery of the lever principle, Archimedes has arrogantly declared: Give me a fulcrum and I will move the earth. Then, when we suffer misfortune in life, give love a fulcrum, we can pry all the suffering in the world. Take your own share of warmth, with love’s flame, setting fire to happy light.

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