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Go Vacation Wii Console Game Review

Published by: Sandra Prior (55)
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The Wii system has probably the biggest game collection than any other system in the world, but very few can be described as real classics. Many have been released in such a flurry that their only purpose was to accumulate wealth into the coffers of the developers. When last have you seen a truly remarkable Wii game since the inception of Wii Sports and Wii Resort?

Go Vacation is another rare gem for the Wii console. It is full of fun and excitement for all ages and the whole family can enjoy this fine addition. Your vacation takes place on Kawawii Island. It is filled with a large number of mini games. You can visit many areas of the island as a result of the transport system the game provides. Some of the fun includes riding horses, roller blades and marine biking. The storyline is great and the fifty activities provide a lot of depth and content.

Roller skating with the Wii remote and nunchuk provide an exhilarating experience that almost seems real.  You move the controls up and down to move forward and if you tilt it sideways you can lean to the left or right. The fun never seems to get boring and traveling the Island remains fun no matter how many times you do it.

There are many characters in the game and they are brilliantly displayed with crisp, clear pixels and artwork. Unfortunately, you can’t interact with any of them. You can knock them down with a vehicle, but they rise again, and smile. That’s about all reaction you can get out of them. This does make the game a bit dull as everyone is walking around like robots and your loneliness will be perpetuated. You will be dying for some kind of conversation long before the game is over.

The snow ball fights are interesting too. Pounding the other characters with snow bombs will alleviate a lot of pent up rage you may have had for the Wii designers. Not all of the activities are fun though. The sky diving is cumbersome and tricky using the Wii controls and steering yourself becomes more of a hit and miss affair. During the volleyball your character doesn’t move around, but stays stationary and simply has to hit the ball. This is boring and repetitive. However, the majority of the activities are exciting and you don’t have much to complain about.

Go Vacation also supports the Motion Plus. You can pull out your Wii wheel and balance board too and this will give you improved control and even more fun. If you like precision control the Motion Plus will become your favorite tool. It’s nice to see a game where you can use all your accessories at the same time.

The multi-player mode is where the game shines. It’s great to have all members of the family taking part in the fun activities together. There is no online mode, so you can’t play with your cyber friends, but with so much fun activities you don’t need to.

Despite not being perfect, it’s a well rounded game that shouldn’t disappoint the most critical of players.

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