Goals of the Benchmark for enterprise ETL Tools
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Goals of the Benchmark for enterprise ETL Tools

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The design of a benchmark should be created upon a vibrant understanding of the features of the reviewed systems that do matter. Therefore, recommend a alignment that covers a comprehensive variety of promising workflows and a inadequate set of examined procedures. The main aim of the benchmark is to deliver the tentative solution to be used for the valuation of ETL engines and design approaches regarding their basic behavioral properties over a wide variety of ETL workflows.

Benchmark’s aim is to study and analyze workflows as a whole. Here, we are not concerned in providing exhaustive performance techniques for very specific tasks in the complete development. We are not interested either, in exhaustively enumerating all the possible alternatives for specific operations. For example, this benchmark is not intended to facilitate the comparison of alternate approaches for duplicate recognition in a data set, since it does not take the tuning of all the possible parameters for this task under consideration. There are certain features which gives a view of best etl tools are :

• Simplify and automate the process of data aggregation
• Simplify and automate the process of address correction
• Simplify and automate the process of data cleansing and de-duping
• Standardize the method of data cleansing and de duping
• Store all data aggregation/cleansing logic/rules as Meta data
• Decrease cost and strength related with data cleansing, address correction, duplicate removal, and data aggregation
• Allow users, executives and designers to recognize, review, modify, and validate the various data cleansing and duplicate removal steps
• Support to meet the growing demand for data cleansing, conversions, migration, aggregation and duplicate elimination
• Self-document the numerous data cleansing efforts ETL Tools

Most of the ETL Tools can also provides ODBC, JDBC, XML, and Web services connectivity for additional database access. And because the Data integration engine offers comprehensive data structure transparency, all sources accessed by the servers on the network look as a set of relational tables - so cross-platform, various database abstractions.

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