Going To Buy an AC? Few Points to Note Before You Purchase Your AC
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Going To Buy an AC? Few Points to Note Before You Purchase Your AC

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A survey reveals that the usage of the air conditioners to stay cool, accounts for about a fifth of the total electricity used in buildings around the world or 10% of the global electricity consumption. Air condition is the first thing which comes to our mind when the summer’s heat is ON and the least thing you bother about is switching OFF your AC. So in this article you get an overall idea about how to select the right AC. Different Technologies Imbedded AC As technology gets improved you get more advanced air conditioners. These AC’s are exceptionally designed that benefits the humans. The AC’s manufactured these days come with technologies like humidity control, air purifier, some AC’s even produce nontoxic mosquito repellents. Also the air conditioning installation cost Sydney for various sizes is affordable and reasonable. What Are The Important Factors To Be Considered While Buying An AC? - Capacity Based on the floor area the capacity of your AC is calculated. For example 1 ton AC is required for an area of 150 to 180 Sq. ft. - Energy efficiency The AC that you are going to buy should have energy efficiency rates like five stars which indicate the energy efficiency. Lower the stars, lower is the energy efficiency. So select the AC that consumes less power. - Split or window AC Window AC is cheaper when compared with the split AC and air conditioning installation Sydney for the window is easier. But split AC’s are quieter and more pleasing when compared with the window AC. - Product price Higher the star rating higher is the product price. An inverter AC is highly priced when compared with a five star rated AC. - Air quality AC with high performance filter should be selected as it improves the air quality and enhances the cooling effect by preventing the clogging of dust in the evaporator coil. - Installation requirement Air conditioning installation Sydney should be done by an authorised service centre as the AC performance depends on the proper installation. - Maintenance and cleaning Regular maintenance and cleaning must be done for an optimum performance of your AC. - Cooling speed AC should have at least two cooling speeds with and adjustable thermostat, also minimum of two fan speeds with energy efficient setting.
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