Grasp the Branches of Life Inspirits Us
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Grasp the Branches of Life Inspirits Us

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When I was young, I heard a story as following. A traveler was caught up by a furious beast on the prairie. To escape, the traveler jump to a well without water, however, he sees there is a dragon at the bottom, opening the huge mouth ready to swallow him. The unfortunate people cannot climb out of this well-head, otherwise he would be eaten by the furious beast; he does not dare to jump into the bottom, otherwise it will be swallowed by the dragon. So he caught the wild shrubs branches growing out of the well crevices, and hold tightly.

Well, increasing weakness of his hand, he was soon surrendered to the danger, that danger is waiting for him at wellhead and bottom. He still firmly grasped shrubs. Suddenly, there are two mice appearing, they draw a circle around the main branches the traveler holding, and then started to bite. Shrubs will break out at any time; he will always fall into the dragon’s huge mouth. Traveler saw all this, knows he will be dead. When he holds the bushes firmly, he saw the leaves of shrubs hanging a few drops of honey. He put his tongue stretched, licking perhaps the final happiness.

The story gives us a lot of inspiration. A person is faced with danger to eliminate a single pressure and fear, perhaps it has no great shakes; but to eliminate various kinds of pressure and fear in the dilemma situation, they should use full force in life to fight the sinister forces which is particularly valuable. When people face of the threats that cannot be solved, until the last moment of life, if one can be calm and still be able to freely discover and savor rare pleasure, he must be a real powerful and transcendent hero.

In other words, if I was the hero of the story, I am sure I would be scary to die, instead of being eaten by beast or dragon. So we have to learn the traveler’s calm when face of danger. Usually in my life, when I meet a little difficult thing, I always escape, and feel very worried. Maybe learning to face all the trouble frankly will be better, and then all the difficulties are not so terrible.

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