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Green Card Lottery giving wings to yourself

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Get a Card Green USA is a dream for many people today. Because of the tremendous benefits associated with a green card, people from around the world to try to get one. For people with certain types of professional qualifications or experience that has a green card can do wonders. Getting U.S. Green Card is a feat in itself. It opens more doors to success and new opportunities to develop further in life.

Advantages of U.S. Green Card- Offered to holders of permanent residence. Are eligible for benefits offered by various U.S. government. Some of the most notable advantages are:The permanent resident status - With a green card, get a person as a resident alien in the United States. This means that it can live in one of 50 states that unites the States. He will need permission to work or do business anywhere in the United States. As a landed immigrant, he will be eligible for employment at one of the employers in the United States. They can enter or leave the U.S. without any concern for the VISA or expiration of authorized stay in the United States.

Social security benefits - the holder of the permanent immigrant has the right to all the social benefits offered to U.S. citizens. Social benefits will be permanently secured resident status includes a school environment, medicine and health, taxation, social security (more than 10 years of work in the U.S.) and insurance claims. Green Card holders can legally own mobile (vehicles or firearms, etc.) and property (irrigated land or commercial property and residential or commercial) in the United States.

Education and research benefits - permanent immigrants are entitled to request financial assistance from U.S. government for education and research. Students with green cards (permanent immigrant status) to pay less fees, colleges and universities that students from other countries.Sponsorship - a green card holder may sponsor his / her spouse and unmarried / children under the age of 21 years for permanent immigrant status.

Permanent immigrant status gives you all the rights of an American citizen except voting rights. Using all the rights and rewards, a person can push / herself on the heights of success. This guarantees the best facilities for training and professional development. It also gives you permanent immigration status of the Republic the most powerful in the world.

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