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Green Lantern Rise of the Manhunters

Published by: Sandra Prior (55)
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If you watched the big screen movie universe then this game is based on that story, but unfortunately it doesn’t depict the movie. Hal Jordan is your character and you belong to the Green Lantern Corps, a police force that has to protect the earth from machines who want to destroy mankind.

The storyline is mostly in text and you have to read everything as you progress through the levels. There is no voice narrative which is rather disappointing. In today’s world of gaming that’s a big negative as the technology is so advanced in voice narrative a developer cannot be forgiven for omitting this important aspect to a game. It may as well be 1996 and you still have a 486 with no multimedia.

But the good part is that there is plenty of combat and you will really enjoy using your lantern to strike at the enemies. Yes, there are no guns. You fire a green light that vanquishes your enemies. You will find this is quite exciting and keeps the game interesting as the battles are fierce and hard. You can design anything out of green light and use it as a weapon. You collect items as you move along and scan their images, then you can use that information to create your own. It takes a while to build the items and use them later in the game. Some people may find this annoying, but it teaches you to be patient. You travel around different planets and each one has its own obstacles and enemies to fight. The combat scenes are brilliant, despite the absence of voices. The action is certainly electrifying and you will definitely love playing the part of a policeman.

The manhunters are a cut throat bunch of machines that make dangerous combatants, so you need to be extra careful as death is not far away. The graphics are quite good and the characters are very interesting and unusual. Many gamers love cartoon games and this one is certainly worth playing. It appeals mostly to younger gamers who are still in school, so adults may find it a little childish. Perhaps the developers deliberately left out the voice narrative, so that kids are forced to improve their reading skills when playing the game.

The green blast that destroys the enemy is also more appealing to younger players as adults prefer more gruesome graphics. It’s a great game for your kids. The controls respond beautifully to your commands and everything is smooth and responsive. There are not many complicated movements and everything is pretty basic. Generally, it’s an average game that provides lots of fun and entertainment. The combat is the most rewarding and there is plenty of it to keep you busy. Its well worth your time and effort to play to the end, and the game is reasonably priced. Get a copy and start playing. You’ll soon feel less stressed and more relaxed and by the time you complete all the levels, you’ll feel satisfied that you didn’t let this title get away.

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