Growth Cycle After Hair Transplant
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Growth Cycle After Hair Transplant

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Hair transplant procedure is best solution for the curation of baldness in natural way on permanent basis. Transplantation is based on the principle that follicles extracted from one part of head, are transplanted in the other part then they can grow for lifetime with their retained properties so the surgeon choose the healthiest and loss resistant hair follicles genrally from back head that has sufficient density of such follicles, for extraction so that transplanted grafts can grow for lifetime. 

It is important to know about the growth of transplanted hair after surgery. Normal hair undergoes form the growth cycle of three phases growth phase, transition and resting phase and the transplanted grafts also grow in similar manner but the very first year until they grow properly they undergoes from following periods of growth. 

Dormant period

It remains for initial 4 months in which hair shedding occurs due to shock loss and patients cannot see any growth during this period 

Emergent period

It remains for 4-8 months in which hair grow gradually and small frizz or small growth can be seen during this period 


It comes until the one year when patient can enjoy the full growth of hair in their maturity.

After understanding the initial stage to maturity level of transplanted hair there is need to understand how they enter into specific period gradually days wise

In initial 5 days

Immediate after the transplantation surgery patient may feel soreness and redness in the scalp and even few patients may feel mild pain in the donor area but it is normal and gets healed in 3-4 days but it is important to follow instruction of the surgeon as for few weeks it is important to care  new hair.

6-10 days

In the second week swelling, redness fade away completely patient feel normal and during these days crust get started forming for the each follicular unit so the patient may feel bit itching but it must be avoided for keeping the transplanted hair undisturbed.

For initial 3 weeks

Shedding process starts with the shedding of transplanted hair. This shedding process occurs due to the trauma caused to follicles during shedding. This process is normal and evens nothing to worry as only grafts get shed but the shafts remain in the scalp

At the end of 2 months

In this time follicles enter into resting phase and pati8ent may look similar as before the surgery due to shedding of transplanted hair.  This phase may vary patient to patient.

In 2-4 months

After the shedding hair follicles start growing but growth rate and duration may vary patient to patient. And the scalp get healed after 4 months.

Till 9 months

During this periods hair continue to grow according the normal growth cycle of the patient,  during this time original laxity of scalp get restored and even healing process get finished.

During First year

During the first year patient many have 80% -90% growth of natural and dense transplanted hair, these transplanted hair look natural as the existing donor hair. Patient may have the micro scarring. Even in first year patient may have only the micro scarring which get fade away in FUE but for FUT patient can have linear scar that get healed.

In two years

During the 2 years patient can have natural, dense hair may have even the hair start growing with natural pain. Patient can have the head full of hair which are undetectable even cannot be recognized by the hair stylists and even scars get fade away or become less visible  after 2 years of surgery.

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