Gum Recession Treatment Including Dental Bone Graft Options By A Periodontist
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Gum Recession Treatment Including Dental Bone Graft Options By A Periodontist

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Getting gum recession treatment through the care of a periodontist can help to stop the loss of bone as well as improve the appearance of your smile.  If you need a dental bone graft, you will find that after the healing process is complete you will have a better smile as a result.  In addition gum recession treatment can improve your smile as well.  Using the right periodontist for a dental bone graft or gum recession treatment can offer a pain free way to improve your oral health overall.

Many people today suffer from a variety of different problems with their teeth.  Some have issues with their gums while others have problems with their teeth.  Some are self inflicted while others may be the result of heredity.  Gum recession treatment today may include dental bone graft as well as gum grafts for the patient by a periodontist.

For some, gum recession treatment can be quite extensive.  It will depend really on the severity of problem.  For some it might only be minor and can easily be corrected with the proper dental care by a periodontist.  For others however, gum recession treatment might involve surgical procedures by a periodontist to repair the loss of the gum tissue in the area.

When you need gum recession treatment, your periodontist might find that you also have bone loss.  When you are trying to use dental implants, you will need that bone to have something to anchor them to.  Using a dental bone graft, a periodontist can encourage more bone growth in the area and use the implants as the patient wanted.

Treatment such as a dental bone graft will involve putting small pieces of bone into the jaw where the bone has been lost through whatever problem that has occurred.  Many things can lead to bone loss including periodontal diseases as well as a recession of the gum line.  When the bone is unprotected, it will begin to break down and dissolve.  For some, this will mean they need a dental bone graft to replace the bone that has been lost.

In addition a dental bone graft can make it possible for you to use implants rather than dentures to replace the missing teeth.  Everyone is likely to lose a few teeth to decay or injury during their lifetime.  Having the ability to replace just one tooth without compromising the integrity of the others around the area will be important to many people.

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