Hair loss treatments will cure hair loss
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Hair loss treatments will cure hair loss

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Hair loss diminishes hair. It can gradually turn to complete or partial baldness. Both males and females are sufferers of this disease. Most people loose hair when they grow old or at their middle age but the rate of reduction vary from person to person. Hair loss treatment is a special kind of therapy which cures the problem.

The life cycle of a single hair is two to three years. All through this, a single hair grows one centimeter each month. There are two types of hair present in the scalp – the growing hair and the resting hair. Growing hairs are newly formed ones and are soft whereas the resting hairs are old and hard. Sometimes a growing hair may fall early but that is a rarity.

Structural differences between male and female hair leads to a different hair loss treatment. The former are thick and the rate of growth is more whereas the later ones are thin and soft. Symptoms of hair loss are different resulting to usage of different medicines.

A number of factors are involved in case of this illness. Change in the male sex hormone called Androgen is the most common form of the disease. Genetically a person could suffer or gender disorder may result to hair loss. Stress plays big part in creating this problem, so doctor’s advice should be taken instantly.

There are numbers of over the counter treatments available in the market which includes medicines, balms, shampoos, oils and therapy machines. While you choose, make sure that suits your hair. Choose from a reputed source which has familiarity in this field. Remember to consult a hair specialist every time after the hair loss treatment is done.

Surgery is the best solution. Though the natural look is absent, it is expensive but fruitful and completes the job early. Consume vitamins, minerals, irons and other food supplements to cure the problem to a certain extent. Massage your hair with oil every day and use proper medicines. Depend on a balanced diet.

Women in particular suffer from three different types. First is Female pattern baldness. Second is the more common Telogen effluvium and the third is Alopecia Areata. Minoxdil and Procerin are two medicines which solve the problem but doctors advice pregnant women not to consume those. As hair loss affects the psychological well being of an individual hair loss treatment is in high demand nowadays.

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