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Have not Chew Over of the Apple

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October 5, 2011, this day is to be forever remembered. “Apple’s godfather,” Steve Jobs, the genius of changing the world died, and his age was 56 years old.

He is considered to be the iconic figure in the computer industry and entertainment industry, and is the founder of the iPod, iPad, iPhone and other well-known digital products, which profoundly changed modern communication, entertainment and even the way people live. With his keen sense of touch and extraordinary wisdom, courage to change and innovate, he leads the world’s trend of information technology and electronic products, and makes computers and electronic products continue to become simplicity, the poor, besides he lets the once rare expensive electronic products become an essential part of modern life.

Many people will ask: Why China will not get Steve Jobs?

This problem is similar to the “Einstein and Art” as mentioned in the article. In fact, environment often makes a person. Steve Jobs was abandoned by his parents in his childhood, and his adoptive parents were Paul and Clara. After the “abandoned” and “selected”, this gave Jobs a deep blow. His adoptive father Paul was a mechanic, because of his exceptional career, Jobs received the subtle influence of father since he was a child. In addition the special atmosphere at the United States, so there was a Jobs and his Apple.

More people entangled in the qualifications of Jobs. Although he only graduated from high school, and dropped out after six months of college, but not everyone who did not go to college called Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. They did give the academic community a bitter slap in the face, but the genius of the road cannot be replicated. Only in a special educational environment and social environment in the United States, it is possible to create the genius of Jobs.

Jobs created Apple was not to enjoy. The birth of Apple can be said his personal mission and is a carrier to realize the value of his life. So his tree of life was full of rich fruits.

The title page of “Steve Jobs” has this sentence: those crazy enough to think they can change the world, which can truly change the world.

Steve jobs, the best!

God has preserved for us his not chew over apple, retaining all he left behind.

In fact, Apple is still in.

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