Have You Started to Restrain Your Emotions
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Have You Started to Restrain Your Emotions

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There is a manager getting up early in the morning. He soon found he was too late. So he hurried to drive the car to the company.

Along the way, to save time, the manager went through several red lights, and was finally stopped by the police in the intersection and got a ticket.

As a result, it was too late to work. To the office, the manager seemed to eat gunpowder, after saw a few letters lying on the table that should be sent yesterday, which was already accountable to the secretary before coming off work. Manager was angry, called in the secretary, while scolded her at the very start.

The secretary was scold with the puzzling feeling, holding the letters which were not sent, went to switchboard lady’s seat, and then still was a burst of heavy criticism; the secretary blamed the switchboard that she did not remind the secretary of sending the letters.

Then the switchboard lady was yelled with a bad mood. She sought the cleaner with the lowest positions in the company, and that cleaner was accused of the work mindlessly.

Below the cleaner, no one can be blamed, so she had to suppress the fumed. When the cleaner went back home, saw the son who is in the elementary school lying on the ground watching TV, with clothes, bags, snacks thrown on the floor, she immediately seized the opportunity, so she blamed her son.

So the son could not watch TV, then he hurled back to his bedroom. But he saw the lazy cat was entrenched in the door, the son was angry, and then immediately kicked mercilessly, making the cat far. The cat suffered for no reason, it did not understand: “Who do I provoke?”

From the story above, we can see because a person has emotional problems, which can affect many people. From manager to secretary, to the switchboard lady, and then to the cleaner, to the cleaner’s son, and finally is the cat. Well, because of poor management of their emotions and taking the private emotions into the work, it results in a lot of discordant elements. Therefore, to manage our emotions is very important.

However, have you done it?

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