Heat Your Home and Pool With High Efficiency Heat Pump Systems
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Heat Your Home and Pool With High Efficiency Heat Pump Systems

Published by: James Allen (12)
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More people are keeping their homes instead of selling. Modern heat pump systems can support all your home and pool heating needs. As our homes are aging so are the important systems we depend on to live comfortably. If it’s time to invest in a new home heating unit, you’ll be happy to know that new technologies make it possible to gain tremendous efficiencies using heat pump systems.

The Basics

Heat pumps work the opposite of a refrigerator.  Heat pump systems remove the latent heat from the atmosphere and then a compressor creates super heated gas to transfer that heat into a water reservoir. The heat is then transferred through pipes or floor boards throughout your home.

Heating Homes and Pools

When Australians need to invest in a new home heating system often they need to heat a pool. The bonus of investing in heat pump systems is that they can work as a pool heating unit as well as a home heating system.

Pool owners looking to get the most out of their pool investment relish the idea of extending the swimming season for a few months after summertime and also being able to open up the pool earlier in the spring season. Heat pump systems are a wise home improvement since it extends your pool and heats your home with superior efficiencies.

High Efficiencies

Today’s heat pump systems provide quick heat-up to pool water at a much lower cost than propane or gas heaters. In fact, you may find that your fuel savings will pay for the new system in three seasons. These systems are designed for small and large-scale use. 

The powder coated steel frame housing is an attractive addition to your backyard décor, but it is built to hold up under the harsh Australian sun. It doesn’t have a large footprint and since it’s designed to withstand the harshest conditions you don’t need to build and enclosure to protect it from the elements.

Speaking of footprint, heat pump systems can generate in excess of 5KW of heat for every 1KW of electrical energy. That is a tremendous 500% efficiency you will never achieve with solar or gas powered units.

The high end heat pump systems provide fast heating up times with lower operating cost and longevity. There is nothing that can surpass the comfort that warm water can bring to early morning swimming lessons or a late night swim workout.

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